Portable Brix Refractometer – Fruit Juice Sugar Content Measurement Tool


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Portable Brix Refractometer Fruit Sugar Tester 0-32% ATC Refractometer Sugar Meter Fruit Juice Sugar Content Measurement Tool
Item Type: 0-32% Brix Meter Refractometer
Measuring Range: Brix 0-32%
Minimum Scale: Brix 0.20%
Size: 30x40x170 mm
Weight: 150 g
Automatic Temperature Compensation: 10-30℃
Suitable for: Fruit Juice, Drink
1. Place few dops of the sample to be tested on the main prism, and close the daylight plate. Make surethe sample is evenly distributed and air bubbles are eliminated on prism. 
2. Aim the front end of the refractometer to the direction of light. Turn the focus wheel.
3. Take the reading where the boundary line of blue and white cross the graduated scale. The scale will provide a direct reading of the concentration
Package Included
1x refractometer
1x manual
1x screwdriver
1x straw
1x glasses cloth
Only the refractometer set included, NOT including a package box. Thanks.


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