90 Day Programme:

Thank you for being part of the 90 day programme.

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1. Choose Health!

Grant Campbell On Coping With Cravings

2. Why Changing Diet Is So Hard

Rhiannon Van Der Griffin – Food Combining Excellence

3. The Terrifying Truth Of The Standard Diet

Greg Xavier – Fully Raw Adventures With Wim Hoff

4. Meat, Dairy, Eggs and Oil

Roger King – 10 Steps To Self Love

5. The Problems With Cooked Food

Jane Sinclair: Emotional Freedom Technique For Going Raw

6. Can We Really Go Raw?

Della Upsher – Top Tens For Thriving On A Raw Vegan Diet

7. The Best Raw Food Diet Must Be Based On Fruit

Juice Demo With Andy Cowan

8. Can We Get Everything We Need On A Raw Vegan Diet?

Raphael Resch – Food Combinations For Sauces On A Raw Vegan Diet

9. Can We Afford A Raw Vegan Diet?

Alexander Demin- Raw Vegan Bodybuilding

10. How To Plan For Success With A Raw Vegan Diet

11. Myths, Lies And Nonsense In The Raw Vegan Community

12. Long Term Success With A Raw Vegan Diet

Dr Douglas Graham- Making Healthy Choices For Life

Professor Rosalind Graham – Healthy Choices Talk

UK Fruitfest 90 Day Programme –

Our Best Ever Offer!

Over the years, we have found that people get inspired at the festival and find it easy to stick to this diet during the event But after, we often find people go back to their regular lives and it is easy for old habits to come back quickly.

To help with keeping people on track after the festival, you can join our 90 day support programme. This is open to you for whatever step in the right direction you are willing to take. We will offer presentations from the presenters, previous presenters and friends of the event.

Your ticket for the 90 day programme will cover the following:

12 Live Online Presentations: EVERY MONDAY 7pm-one weekly presentation live and via Zoom (12 live presentations in total with a chance to answer further questions). Presentations will come from a variety of presenters including those at the event.

12 Part Course: EVERY THURSDAY 7pm one additional weekly live presentation as part of the “Beginner’s Guide To The Raw Vegan Diet” online course taught by Ronnie, 12 presentations in total (previously sold alone for £300)

Over 50 Hours of Fruitfest Lectures: 90 days access to the Fruitfest Archive – Over 50 hours of lectures from the history of the UK Fruitfest (yet to be released to the public)

Ticket to LOVE FRUIT WEEKEND: A FREE pass to our October 2021 event “LOVE FRUIT WEEKEND”) that will occur from Friday 29th of October to Sunday 31st of October (venue to be confirmed, most likely London area. More of a conference style event, accommodation not included). Tickets will range from £50 -£200 for access to this weekend for those not part of this special offer.

Accountability: group tracking sheet, for complete accountability you can add your goals to our group tracking sheet which everyone can fill in each day to share their progress with the entire group (optional, but can be very effective)

AMAZING! £120 worth of Tropical Fruit!: £40 worth of tropical fruit sent to you 3 times (a total of £120 worth) during the 90 days (once per month). Provided at a generous price by My Exotic Fruit (the place we recommend you to buy exotic and tropical fruits online in the UK)

£100 OFF – Your ticket to Fruitfest 2022 – CreateThe New You In ’22!

– Chat Group – Daily chat group with all the guests. Most likely on Whatsapp, Telegram or a suitable platform that everyone is happy to use.

In More Detail What This Offer Includes

12 week “Beginner’s Guide To A Raw Vegan Diet” Course with Ronnie Smith

A course designed to take someone through a logical path to fully understanding the raw vegan lifestyle.

Lecture Programme:

1. Health is Not Just Our True Wealth, It is Everything! Before we get into the detail about a raw vegan diet, firstly we must be committed to building our health for the future. Do you truly appreciate your health? Do you realise how fundamentally important it is? In this lecture we will expand and change your vision of how critically important being healthy is and why changing your diet is essential in achieving this.

2. Why Making a Change to Your Diet is One of The Hardest Things You Will Ever Do!

In this presentation, you will learn to set your expectations correctly for the difficult task of changing your diet. Learn why we struggle to make changes and stay motivated on a healthier path. Learn about the psychology behind our motivations and habits.

3. The Terrifying Truth About The Standard Diet! The standard diet that most people eat is truly dangerous. It leads people predictably towards a decline in health and the development of disease. We will be going through the problems with this diet and why we must move away from what is seen as average or common in order to get uncommon results.

4. Our Biggest Killers: Meat, Dairy, Eggs and Oil. In this presentation we will go into more detail about the problems with meat, dairy and eggs and why we must go vegan to embrace a truly healthy lifestyle. If you do not know the reality of how damaging these foods are you may lose your motivation to stay vegan.

5. The Problems With Cooked Food (including cooked vegan foods) Why going raw is critical to achieve optimal health. Why a diet comprising cooked food should never be seen as a truly healthy diet. We will go through a number of problems that come from cooking our food. We will also seek to discuss myths around cooked food, such as that cooked food is what made us human and is therefore essential to us.

6. Can We Really Go Raw? In this presentation we will ask if humans are capable of a raw vegan diet. Why is a raw vegan diet not common in the world, yet it is the way all other animals eat. Why have human societies not stuck to raw diets? Why do so few people stick to a raw diet?

7. The Best Raw Vegan Diet Must Be Based on Fruit In this lectures we will start talking about fruit. We must build a wholly positive relationship with fruit if we wish to be successful on a raw vegan diet. We will talk about why fruit is so important for human health.

8. Can We Get Everything We Need on a Raw Vegan Diet? Whether is is proteins, carbohydrates or fats your are concerned about, people want to make sure they can get everything they need on a raw vegan diet. We will cover this information on this presentation.

9. How to Plan Your Raw Vegan Programme For Success In this presentation we will talk about how to prepare and plan a suitable raw vegan diet that covers your needs and is enjoyable, easy and fun.

10. Can We Afford to Eat a Raw Vegan Diet? There is no point in finding the best diet if we can not afford it. Can this lifestyle be affordable for all? We will go over ways to make this an affordable lifestyle choice.

11. Myths, Lies and Nonsense in the Natural Foods Movement In this presentation we will go over inaccurate ideas that are peddled in the raw foods community. We will also go over dangerous health practices that should be avoided or approached with caution.

12. Long Term Success on a Raw Vegan Diet Learn more in this final presentation about what it takes to go raw long term. Learn about the mindset of a long term raw vegan and how they manage to stick to this path for life.

In addition to:

12 Presentations Include Contributions From:

Dr Douglas Graham, Professor Rosalind Graham, Grant Campbell (“Coping With Cravings”), Rhiannon Van der Griffin, Jane Sinclair, Ronnie Smith, Della Upsher

Roger King, Greg Xavier, Raphael Resch (“Food Combining”) Chef Tom Meir

…and others to be confirmed!

Love Fruit Weekend

This offer also covers your ticket to the LOVE FRUIT weekend. A conference taking place over 3 days,put together to celebrate fruit and gain insight and knowledge into fruit and the benefits of the fruit based diet.

Friday 29th, Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st October 2021, venue to be confirmed.

A 3 day conference most likely held in London area. More details to come.


Staying committed and motivated to a healthier lifestyle can be difficult. We want to create a way to provide you with focus, support and motivation. A 90 day period is a challenge, but a realistic amount of time someone can aim to stick to new changes. It is also a good amount of time to set you up to keep going for longer.

As you can see, the 90 day programme seamlessly ends in time for the Love Fruit weekend gathering. We will celebrate those that continued with the programme at the weekend. The gathering provides a focus and something to move towards helping us all keep to our goals.


The course, the presentations, £120 worth of tropical fruit, the ticket to Love Fruit Weekend, £100 off your ticket to UK Fruitfest 2022 all included for:

General Price: £495 (to those not at Fruitfest 2021)

Fruitfest Discount Price (2021 attendees only): £395

Couples Price: £595

Fruitfest 2021 Attendee Couples Price: £525

This can be paid in one payment or two payments of £150 (or £225 for couples). The discount price ends on the 8th of August 2021 at 11pm.

Please only commit to this if you are truly ready. No refund is offered. Please think through carefully and make the right decision for you. Feel free to talk to Ronnie if you have any questions.

Additional Offers:

Extra one to one coaching support can be offered by Ronnie to a limited number of people. Typically a 90 day coaching package with 12 sessions of 1 hour telephone coaching is offered for £2000.

This will be offered to those on the 90 day programme for a discounted price of £1495. This can be paid up front or in 3 payments of £500 (this is in addition to the programme, total being £1795 for the programme and coaching combined).

Other presenters also offer coaching. Feel free to speak to them personally. Their coaching is not included as part of this programme.

How To Pay

Please email info@fruitfest.co.uk to reserve your space and deal with payment. We start TOMORROW!