Are You Ready To Meet Your  Health Conscious, Heart Centred Raw Vegan Tribe?

You Are Invited To The Most Important Event Of Your Lifetime!

UK Fruitfest 2020 (26th July to the 2nd of August 2020)

UK Fruitfest is no ordinary festival.  In fact, festival is the wrong word…

UK Fruitfest is the annual gathering of a tribe of conscious, loving individuals who are looking for like minded souls to share this journey of life with.

Everyone is brought together by a love of fruit and raw food.  They have realised that fuelling their body with the best, healthiest and most high vibration foods is essential when you want to live your best life.

But that’s not all that this vibrant community shares….

The group of people this event has previously attracted tends to share the following charateristics, they are:

  • health conscious and looking to live a healthy, high energy life for themselves and their family and friends
  • either practising or curious about a raw vegan/fruitarian style diet or the benefits it offers (most of the attendees are actually beginners to this lifestyle)
  • highly ethical, looking to make good choices that impact the world in a good way
  • highly caring of animals, the environment and the planet for now and for future generations
  • compassionate towards other people and very aware of the feelings and concerns of others
  • determined to find and follow their passion in life in order to help as many people as possible live better lives
  • looking to make an impact on the world and wish to help change it for the better
  • spiritual but not necessarily religious, interested in pursuing spiritual practices like meditation, yoga and breathwork
  • love to connect with nature and be out in nature away from the modern civilised world
  • they have a sense that they don’t quite fit in with the world and they are constantly looking for people to connect with who are more like them 

Does this sound like you?

On your journey of development in life, have you started to feel a disconnection towards others around you?

Do you struggle to fit in with your friends, family and colleagues?  Do you find it difficult that they don’t see things in the same way you do?

You maybe feel confusion that others are not able to see what has become obvious to you when it comes to health, diet and lifestyle choices.  At the same time, as you have started to experiment with your new lifestyle you have started to change more, to expand and wake up not only to your new potential in life but also to how frustrating it can be that the rest of the world is yet to make that change.

This Is Why UK Fruitfest Was Born

UK Fruitfest is here for those people who have awoken to their true nature and hear the calling of this tribe.  For those looking to make changes to their diet and lifestyle it is the perfect place to learn more about the raw vegan diet and lifestyle.

But more than that, it is the place that you will be immersed in a community of like minded and heart centred souls.

  • A place to find real CONNECTION
  • A place to EXPRESS your true self
  • A place to find KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATION and MENTORSHIP to help guide you to a better, healthier life
  • A place to get in touch with your inner WISDOM
  • A place to find your PASSION and learn how to share that with the world
  • A place to find SUPPORT and guidance

Most importantly, a place where you can be YOU and truly dive deep into your higher self and be supported and guided on that journey.

Also, it is a place where you will meet some of the best friends of your life.  Who knows what journeys you will take after this festival or where your life could lead.  Meeting one important person could change the whole trajectory of your life forever.

Some Basic Information:

Dates: Sunday 26th July to Sunday 2nd of August 2020

Location: Croft Farm Waterpark, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

Food: 100% Raw vegan, fruit, smoothies and juices during breakfast and lunch and a hearty and healthy raw vegan dinner each evening

Prices: We have a range of different options which suit almost any budget.  Please fill out your details below to get access to more specific information on prices and available programmes.

Schedule: Our schedule is not yet confirmed but in general a day at Fruitfest starts with morning activities (yoga, running, meditation, dance exercise) followed by breakfast. The day is then packed with informative lectures and workshops from world class experts in this field.  Lunch is in the middle of the day and a raw vegan salad buffet each night.  Each night ends with entertainment followed by a campfire.

Featured speakers: 

We have not confirmed our list of speakers yet but an announcement will follow soon.  Previous speakers include:

  • Ronnie Smith, founder of the UK Fruitfest
  • Dr Doug Graham, author of the 80/10/10 Diet
  • Professor Rozalind Graham, 30+ year raw vegan and professor of Applied Nutrition
  • “Fully Raw” Krisina Carillo Bucaram
  • Drs Rick and Karin Dina, founder of the Raw Food Mastery course
  • Ted Carr, founder of the Canada Fruitfest
  • Melissa Raimondi, from Raw Food Romance
  • Chris Kendall, 15 year raw vegan and founder of
  • Anne Osborne, Author of “Fruitarianism: The Path To Paradise”
  • Robby Barbaro, @mindfuldiabetic and founder of Mastering Diabetes
  • Paul and Yulia Tarbath, from the well known youtube channel RawesomeHealthy
  • Roger King, counsellor and author of Warrior Love
  • Connor McMillen and Britanny Taylor
  • Michael Goodchild, The Vegan Activist
  • Bob Love from the Family Freedom youtube channel
  • Grant Campbell, author of “Inspire To Run”, raw vegan ultra runner
  • Harriet Kjaer, 10 year raw vegan and Denmark’s top ultra runner

What is Included?

 Your ticket covers:

  • your accommodation for the whole time
  • full access to all of the scheduled activities
  • full access to meet and speak to our featured guest speakers
  • all of your food for the entire time.
  • educational videos and downloadable materials and books to help further your knowledge


What To Do Next

This year we have decided to limit this event to around 170 people.  We feel that this is the best size to create a real community feeling that gives the special experience that this festival gives people.

With previous attendees already signed up to come (and 500 other previous attendees showing interest in coming back), we have a limited amount of places left and expect to sell out far in advance.  

If you want to learn more about UK Fruitfest and find out if this is truly for you please fill in your name and email below and you will be taken to a page with more information and a series of videos that will provide you with more details about the event.

You will also be added to our weekly newsletter providing you with helpful tips and news about the raw vegan diet and lifestyle.  Your details are not shared with anyone and you can unsubscribe easily at any time.

Fill In Your Details Below!

We are still in the early stages of designing our 2020 event.  As we have still not got all of the details confirmed we have our lowest priced tickets on offer to those who are looking to commit early. 

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