65. Kate Magic- Author, Speaker, Raw Food Chef And Entrepreneur

Welcome to another wonderful episode of the Love Fruit podcast, the World’s number 1 podcast for the raw foods lifestyle.

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Globally renowned raw foods expert Kate Magic started on the raw diet in 1993, and has raised her three sons on a raw vegan diet. She is the Creative Director of, the author of three best-selling raw recipe books, and has a busy international schedule giving talks and workshops on raw foods.

Kate is the author of ‘Eat Smart, Eat Raw’, the UK’s original raw food recipe book, which was updated and reissued in the Summer of 2013; and ‘Raw Living’, a recipe book and guide to the raw lifestyle, both published by Grub Street. Her third book, ‘Raw Magic’, is a ground-breaking book of superfood recipes, published by Process Media in 2012.

Kate is Creative Director of the Raw Living website which was founded in 2002. Raw Living offers advice and information on the raw diet, as well as stocking the most comprehensive range of raw foods and superfoods products in Europe. She has created over 20 unique products for the Raw Living brand, including chocolate bars, trail mixes, cakes, teas and skin creams.

Kate has been featured in most of the UK’s national press including The Independent, The Guardian, The Observer, The Sunday Times, The Daily Express, Metro, Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Red, Zest , Closer, Reveal, Woman’s Own, Top Sante, Scotland on Sunday, Positive News, International Lifestyle Magazing, Image, The Green Parent, Lifescape, Juno, and Get Fresh. She has made a number of national media appearances including BBC TV and radio, ITV, Channel 4, Passion for the Planet digital radio, NTS radio, and Radio Reverb.

Kate has a well-established fan base who love her positive and uplifting approach to life. She has a rare ability to join the dots and illustrate how personal growth contributes to global change, in a way that makes it accessible and fun.

Kate is an accomplished public speaker, who puts on regular events across Europe. Kate has held workshops in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, The Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, South of France, Netherlands, Finland, Iceland, Malta, The Azores, India, Bali, Hawaii, Barbados, Thailand, Costa Rica, New Zealand, and the USA.

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64. Shane Sterling Raw Vegan Rising Interview

Welcome to the Love Fruit podcast, the World’s number 1 podcast for the raw vegan lifestyle.

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In this interview we talk to Shane Sterling from Raw Vegan Rising. Early on, Shane changed to a plant based diet which fit in line with his ethics.

He became an entrepreneur selling clothes from 2 different shops and gave it up to become a raw food health coach. His youtube channel is called Raw Vegan Rising and he inspires people there to change their diet and lifestyle to a raw vegan approach.

You can find him on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook as Raw Vegan Rising.

63. Jonas Sunshine Callewaert Interview

Welcome to another episode of the Love Fruit Podcast.

Jonas Sunshine Callewaert lives in Arizona and was raised for a short while on a raw vegan diet. His mother was a follower of Ann Wigmore and was influenced by a couple that running a raw food centre called Temple Beautiful.

Jonas was mostly vegetarian growing up then turned vegan at 20 on the advice of some Rastafarians. He later found out about raw food and the 801010 diet through a chance meeting at a pot luck.

Jonas has been a regular contributor on raw vegan forums for years and has at times been infamous for his volume of contributions and his criticism of those that deviate from what he perceives as the law of nature and natural hygiene.

In Arizona, Jonas forages for fruit and occasionally sells the fruit he finds, especially the dates.

62. Raw Food Legend, Gardener and Juicing Expert John Kohler

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In this episode we speak to John Kohler.

John is a legend in the raw food movement with over 25 years experience of eating a raw vegan diet.

He set up some of the earliest popular raw food websites and has 2 incredibly popular youtube channels: Growing Your Greens and OK Raw.

In this interview you will hear about the extreme health challenge that led John to investigation how to boost his immune system. This eventually led him to the raw foods diet.

You will also hear about how John has his own unique ideas and opinions about this lifestyle. He also mentions the controversy surrounding his departure from the Woodstock Fruit Festival.

61. Harriet Kjaer – Ultrarunner, Luthier and 10+ Year Raw Vegan

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In this episode we speak to Harriet Kjaer.

Harriet is a professional luthier and has had workshops around Europe throughout her career.

She has been on a raw vegan diet for around 10 years and is an ultra marathon runner, running as much as 350km.

In this interview she talks about her diet and lifestyle. We also discuss her plans for holding running retreats in Spain.

60. Della Upsher Interview

Today’s guest is Della Upsher. Della did not start to change to a raw vegan diet until she was 59 years old. By that time she had already underwent a triple by pass surgery.

She has lost weight and regained her fitness and energy on a raw vegan diet.

You can learn more from her by joining her facebook group “To Fruity Health”

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59. EFT Therapist, Professional Violinist and Raw Vegan Jane Sinclair

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In this episode we interview Jane Sinclair. Jane is a professional violinist and an EFT practitioner. She has been on her raw vegan path for around 8 years and has attended the UK Fruitfest 6 times!

In this episode you will learn about how Jane used EFT to help her deal with severe stage fright. It has been so effective that she can deliver talks in front of audiences when before she would have found this too nerve wracking. You will also hear about some of her experiences at the UK Fruitfest.

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My Exotic Fruit Interview

Welcome to Episode 58 of the Love Fruit podcast. In this epsiode we were joined by Colin and Denny from My Exotic Fruit.

My Exotic Fruit were one of the first online retailers of exotic fruits supplied direct to consumers in the UK. They joined us to speak about what goes on in their business and their experience with travelling in South East Asia sourcing the best exotic fruits.

We have not been paid to sponsor or advertise the company but simply thought our listeners would enjoy learning about exotic fruits from the other side. My Exotic Fruit has supplied exotic fruits to the UK Fruitfest on a number of occasions.

Interview With Rhiannon Van Der Griffin (from 2020)

Rhiannon Van Der Griffin is a home-educating Mother, living a high fruit, low fat raw vegan lifestyle for over 5 years in England, UK. Since going raw in March 2015 she has went on a huge journey of self discovery.

As her body healed with her nutritious new lifestyle, she began doing intense inner work such as forgiveness and self acceptance exercises. With these inner work exercises, the high fruit raw vegan diet and a few other alternative/natural healing protocols, she has transformed myself away from a life of Bulimia, weight issues, insecurities and hopelessness. Rhiannon was a featured speaker at the 2019 UK Fruitfest.

Rhiannon helps others to embrace a healthy life style with her programmes and coaching available at

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56. Julia Pedroni Interview

Julia is a 29-year-old raw vegan, passionate about fruits and living food. She started her health journey at the beginning of 2020, following the physical loss of her Mum from a pancreatic cancer.

She is at your disposal for guiding you to healing sources (reading/videos) and experienced health Coaches. Moreover, she is always more than happy to exchange with you all.

She is currently living in Switzerland, planning a travel to the tropics around September 2021.

You can find her on Instagram at @eatlikeit or by email:

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