Full Schedule Available Here: UK Fruitfest Schedule 2023

Dear Fruitfester,

Congratulations on making the fantastic decision to come to UK Fruitfest this year!

It is now your time to relax while we put in the hard work of preparing what we hope will be one of the best weeks of your life.

If you have never been to this event before, perhaps you would like to hear some words of encouragement from previous attendees:

“I was surprised at how friendly everybody here is. You don’t normally get that instant communication and respect when you meet people in day to day life. I’d definitely come back in a second, it’s been one of the best experiences of my life”–Michelle, England

“I came by myself and I was a bit nervous about coming and Ronnie had said it was like a big happy family and I didn’t believe him! But I can’t believe how open and loving and warm and accepting- what a great place and atmosphere. It’s been brilliant, I loved it and made so many friends and connections, it’s just been superb. My body feels so clean, it feels so natural and right that I just want to carry on” -Amanda, England

As you can tell, we have left a strong impression on people. Our attendees in the past have commented on the special atmosphere and sense of community at the festival.

This is a place of support and not judgement. It is a place where people are lifted up and not beaten down.

Though you will love the food, get tremendous value from our lectures and activities and have fun and many belly laughs during our entertainment each night, you will leave with one strong memory:

The people! This lifestyle and the festival attracts a wonderful group of positive and inspiring people. Many who have made bold decisions to change their diet and lifestyle for good and who have left behind a life of disease, pain and discomfort to follow a path of health and joy.

If you are not sociable, don’t worry. You will not be forced into doing anything you don’t want to do.

Every activity is optional but we will help you to make connections with others if this is something you struggle with.

Anyway, here is what you need to know for the festival:


Dates: Friday 21st July to Friday 28th of July 2023.

Arrival: Attendees are asked to arrive on Friday the 21st of July in between 5pm and 7pm which is our registration period.  Please do not arrive early.  

Leaving: The festival will close at 11am on Friday the 28th of July 2022.

Address: The address of the venue is

Dunfield House, Kington, Herefordshire, HR5 3NN



You can find travel details on the Dunfield House website here:


Festival Bus

A bus is running from Heathrow Airport.

Alexander Demin will be helping with the bus and will contact those who have already booked onto the bus.  If you have not booked and would like to join the bus you can email Alexander at ademin@gmail.com

The bus leaves at 2pm promptly on Friday the 21st of July. DO NOT BE LATE. No alternative is offered and you will have to book alternative transport to get to the event, no refund will be given for non arrival to the bus.

Return Bus:  A return bus will go back from the venue to London leaving at 11am on the 28th of July (arriving around 4pm back at Heathrow Airport)

What To Bring

Firstly, here are some things you will NOT NEED TO BRING

  • bedding (unless you are camping in which case please bring your own sleeping bag)
  • food (no need to bring food as all of the food is included)
  • cutlery (we will provide cutlery, though you can bring your own if you prefer)
  • water (we will provide water, filtered and chlorine removed)

Suggestions of things to bring

  • sleeping bag and tent: (for those camping)
  • torch: the grounds can get dark at night
  • phone charger, adapter plugs, extension plugs etc
  • a list of questions: think about what you are looking to learn and write those questions down, it is easy to forget while you are at the event
  • cash: your food, accommodation and attendance at all activities is covered by your ticket. However there are a few extras on the site that you may wish to use.
  • sports equipment/games: we have ample space and grounds for sports or games, feel free to bring along yours
  • yoga mat: it is best to bring your own for yoga classes
  • musical instruments (we will have a talent night and nights by the campfire)
  • water bottle
  • A pad and pens for taking notes, journalling, taking contact details


It may surprise you how warm it often is at this time of year in England. However, we do suggest you bring clothing for all eventualities including rain and chilly nights. Other clothing you may wish to bring would include running shoes, swimming gear, and gym clothes. (there is no place to do laundry onsite)

  • towels (essential)
  • soap, shampoos, etc


Wifi is provided but we do not know the strength for our size of group.  For emergencies, a mobile hot spot can be created for essential contact.

Guidelines For The Event

The event is easy going but here are some general rules we would ask everyone to follow:

Timekeeping: As much as possible, please try to be on time for all activities you wish to take part in. It can be distracting for the speaker or activity leader when people turn up throughout their talk.
Respect: We ask all of our guests to treat each other with respect and courtesy. This is not a place for politics, religion, race, gender, sexuality or any other factor to divide us. Let’s remember we are all here to get and stay healthy and we should all be supporting each other in doing this.
Accommodation: Please do not enter other people’s accommodation or tent without permission. Please stay in the accommodation that you are allocated.
Food: We encourage you to only eat the food that we provide. If for any reason you are planning to bring your own food (that is not part of a raw vegan diet) we would ask you to eat this away from our dining room. Obviously, we will not prevent you from leaving the site to consume whatever you wish in the local town but we would suggest for the best experience to avoid doing this.
Kitchen: We would ask you to stay out of our kitchen and food storage area at all times. This will allow our kitchen team do their job without distraction.
Access To Blenders/Juicers: Some people have asked about being able to make their own smoothies and juices each day and therefore having access to equipment. This is not possible for us to provide right now however smoothies and juices will be made for everyone.
Smoking/Drinking/Drugs: This is a drug free, alcohol free and smoke free event. We would ask you not to partake in these activities for the duration of the event. If you are a smoker we would ask you to smoke away from the festival area.
Dogs/Pets: Dogs and other pets are not allowed by rule of the venue.

Business Activities: We are happy for people to use this as a place to network and meet others that may be interested in your business. However, this is not a place for you to bring products or merchandise to sell.

We generally discourage the offering of therapies, health consultations, spiritual readings etc at the event. If you have something you think is of value to the event and the attendees please contact us to run it by us first.


At this time we are unable to make any changes to bookings apart from last minute upgrades if space is available.


The schedule has more to be added to it and the last version is not yet ready.  You can download the brochure to see a basic version of it:

UK Fruitfest 2023 Brochure

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this message gives you almost everything you need to know to prepare for the festival. It is completely normal to feel some nerves or excitement about this event.

It is scary to be around a whole group of strangers, in a place you have never been before, potentially eating a diet you have never ate before.

Wishing you the best of health,

Ronnie Smith
Founder, UK Fruitfest

Festival contact:

Email: info@fruitfest.co.uk

Phone: 07936 875 064 (Ronnie)