BGRV December 2020

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Thank you for being a part of the December 2020 “Beginners Guide To A Raw Vegan Diet” Course.

As promised, here are some of the extra bonuses added on as being part of the course.  More materials will be shared as we go along and they become relevant as the course unfolds.  I look forward to sharing more with you.

Upcoming Class List

9. How To Plan Your Raw Vegan Programme For Success (Jan 11, 7.30pm GMT)


10. Can We Afford To Eat A Raw Vegan Diet? (Jan 14th, 7.30pm)


11.  Myths, lies and nonsense in the natural foods movement (Jan 18th, 7.30pm)


12. Longterm Success On A Raw Vegan Diet

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6956950762 (Jan 21st, 7.30pm)

UK Fruitfest Recipe Book

Fruitfest Recipe Book

The 11 Principles To Success On A Raw Vegan Diet

11 Principles Improved

Lazy Man’s Guide TO Raw Food Success

Lazy Man’s Guide To Raw Food Success

I thought I would add this one in too.

How To Be A Raw Vegan Smart Ass

How To Be A Raw Vegan Smart Ass

Class Videos

1. Health Is Not Just Your Greatest Wealth, It Is Everything!

2. Why Changing Your Diet Is One Of The Hardest Things You Will Ever Do

3. The Terrifying Truth About The Standard Diet

4. Our Biggest Killers: Meat, Dairy, Eggs, Oil

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5. Problems With Cooked Food

6. Can We Really Go Raw?

7. Why A Raw Vegan Diet Must Be Based On Fruit

8. Can We Get Everything We Need On A Raw Vegan Diet

9. Planning You Diet For Success

10. Is A Raw Vegan Diet Affordable?

11. Myths, Lies and Nonsense

12. Long Term Success On A Raw Vegan Diet