Are You Looking For A Transformation In Your Health And Vitality?  Find Out Below If The Raw Transformation Programme Is For You….

Dear Health Seeker,

I ask for your attention for just a brief moment of your life. But I hope, as brief as this moment may be, that it can impact the rest of the precious moments of the rest of your life. Allow me to begin with a story….

Once upon a time there were two young men. They were equal in age. As children they had lived on the same street, in the same neighbourhood, in the same town. Their lives had been the same in almost every way.

From the the schools they attended to the hobbies they participated in. You could say that there were almost tied at the hip from birth.

As they got older they inevitably parted ways as jobs, marriages, children and the other responsibilities of life set them in different directions.

Many years later, when they were around retirement age they happened to meet each other again at the funeral of a mutual friend. Each man was struck by the difference in the other.

One, despite being in his 60s, was fresh faced, lean, strong and with energy in his step. He had the aura of an athlete.  He gave you the feeling that he was ready to get going and do anything.

The other was overweight, wheezed a little when he breathed, slumped while standing and his eyes and face looked old and wrinkled. They looked like men from two different generations. You would never think they were the same age.

What was the difference?

The one thing that made the difference was that the first man had stumbled upon a mentor that had shown him how to take care of his health at the highest level.

The other man had never had that fortune. He ended up passing through life carrying the heavy burden of all of the addictions and bad habits that he formed in his early years.

He had smoked like a chimney, drank like a fish and feasted at fine restaurants throughout his life. He had enjoyed himself, to some extent, but he was now facing the consequences.

As a younger man, he was a leading light in his profession. But he never reached the true heights of success.

He had taken time off due to illness and as he aged hes tarted to lose the energy and vigour that seemed to flow abundantly when he was younger.

He found himself tired and unable to focus at times and this put a stall on his ambitions.

The other had retained that youthful sense of dynamism. He had taken on the world and achieved more than he had dreamed of.

Every challenge was met with a new energy and vibrancy. Problems and hurdles were embraced and defeated.

He was famous in his work for seeming to be able to always go the extra distance and push further, longer and harder than others. This had helped him to reach the heights of his profession.

That man had been open to change, and was ready to make that change.

As they say in ancient wisdom, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”.

This story illustrates a harsh lesson:

We either change our habits in life or we suffer the consequences of those habits.

We either gain control of our health and our life…or we are at the mercy of whatever habits and addictions we have picked up on our journey through life.

It was not easy for the healthy man to make changes. But his mentor showed him a clear direction and gave him the steps to follow.

His mentor gave him an example to follow and an insight into the mindset of someone that takes care of his health at the highest level.

Perhaps most importantly he kept him accountable for his actions and set a high standard for him to follow.

All of this creates the right environment to help the student learn, change and grow.

Too often we hope that making changes will be easy. We like to think we can go it alone with little guidance. This can lead to us inadvertently wasting lots of time and money heading in the wrong direction. In reality the best way to achieve something is to find someone who has already been there and follow the path that they followed. 

The top athletes, business people and celebrities in the world all use multiple coaches to help them with different aspects of their performance. When it comes to making changes to our lifestyle, help is not only necessary it is absolutely essential.

Have you ever felt like you were doing something the right way, only to one day realise you had been doing it wrong all along? We end up treading water wondering why we are not getting any further forward.

Imagine jumping in a swimming pool and thrashing away at the water and getting nowhere…then imagine doing that for years on end and wondering why you aren’t getting anywhere.

This is exactly what many people do with their life. They don’t have the humility to ask for help or they are scared of getting feedback to tell them they are wrong.

The amount of people who try to change their diet and fail is huge.

We all know people that make attempts to change and end up going right back to what they were doing before. Why does this happen?

A common statistic is that 95% of people fail when they try to commit to a diet. The other statistic, taken from Huffington Post, states that only 8% of people are able to stick to their New Years Resolutions.

This is a huge failure rate in the range of between 92 to 95%.

This failure happens because people underestimate how hard it is to make a change. Even the smallest change in habit is hard to successfully implement. Here are some reasons why:

  • Often they did not have the right information. They fell into traps and mistakes that they didn’t see coming. Or they had experiences and challenges that they could not find a solution for. Hurdles came up and they were unable to negotiate their way through the puzzle.
  • On top of this they didn’t have someone to show them a clear path and help to guide them and motivate them to keep going. Change takes time and the person must be realistic with their goals and realistic with the time it will take to achieve them.
  • They are surrounded by temptation.  The world is absolutely full of food.  Almost every place we go to provides food at almost any time of the day.  It is easy to lose motivation without support in these moments.
  • They forget why they are making the change.  They have not set down clearly WHY they want to change their habits and the consequences of not changing those habits.
  • We have evolved to RESIST changing habits.  At the end of the day, your habits have kept you safe and alive so far, to change them could be a risk to your survival.  That is how we are wired genetically and it takes work to break old habits and create new ones.  This is hard to do alone.
  • We seem to see other examples of people doing well on other diets. Are you ever frustrated by people in your life that seem to eat what they want and still retain a slim, athletic figure? Or people you know who out perform you in the gym or the workplace despite eating McDonalds as a staple?  This can’t be fair, but that is just life.  However, the science shows that inevitably on poor diets people are doing badly over time, and sometimes that damage is hard to see for many years.

On top of all this friends, family members and colleagues are far from supportive.  You have probably had people laugh, mock and sneer at you for even talking about making changes to your diet.  They probably sit around talking about how they know you are going to fail at this diet, and point out other times you tried and failed at making such changes.

Their lack of support is their own fear.  How dare they steal your dream of better health away from you!  Yet often the people closest to you in life are all of a sudden far from supportive when you change diet and secretly they are hoping you fail.

A coach can help in all of these areas and be an invaluable source or knowledge, inspiration and support. The value of a good coach outweighs the price paid by a huge factor as the value of helping a person to create change in their life continues on and on as they continue to reap the rewards in the future.

Why is it so hard for us to make a change?

The reason for this is surprising. It turns out that we are really programmed not to change. If you think about it, all the choices you have made in your life up to now have kept you alive and got you to where you are today. Other choices could have led to you dying or being severely injured.

In our past, if we changed our habits this could make us fall out of line with the tribe we lived in and without that tribe we would have died in the wild. So we have systems set up within us preventing us from changing.

On top of this, when it comes to food we add on another system that prevents us from changing. Our brain constantly rewards us for finding and eating food. We feel good. However now we have connected this system to unhealthy junk food that over time destroys our health and quality of life.

But many people don’t value their health enough to seek coaching. Why is this?

Generally people do not know the danger they put themselves under when they follow the standard diet and lifestyle. The diet that has become prevalent in the modern western world leads to the chronic diseases that are killing most people.

But not only does a bad diet contribute to towards a person’s early death (and take away precious years of their life) a bad diet and lifestyle gradually saps away a persons joy, motivation and functionality in their later years.

Many people don’t realise they have huge potential inside them: not just for greater energy and fitness, but for getting rid of aches and pains, genuinely adding years onto their life while feeling years younger.

Do you really want to end up fading away for the last 20-30 years of your life? Do you want to end up becoming a burden to your family?  Do you want to risk missing out on seeing your children and grandchildren grow up?

The answer is most likely no, and that is the same answer everyone will give.  Yet how many people are willing to take the action that you are already taking?  Very, very few.

Weight loss is another main motivation in wanting to change diet and lifestyle habits.

Walking around with extra weight literally and figuratively brings you down. Carrying pounds of fat that you don’t need is a huge risk to your health but also affects a person’s comfort and happiness within their own body. They lose self esteem and don’t feel as attractive as they once were.

No wonder.  You are judged in this society for putting on weight.  You are looked at as being lazy or, much worse, as being stupid.  People make fun of you if you are fat and you are less likely to get certain jobs.  They see you struggling to get upstairs or fit into a car and they see it as YOUR fault?

Yet despite people being highly motivated to lose weight, most people fail….over and over. If you have tried and failed on your own many times it is time to get help.

People also struggle with the addictive behaviour they feel around food. They literally feel powerless around certain foods and cannot stop themselves from eating them. Good coaching can help a person to look deeply at the connections they have with food and help them to break the ties that make them keep eating the foods that are getting them results that they do not want.

It has taken me a long time to offer coaching.

I have seen many people start coaching very soon after making their own changes, before they had really been consistent with their own lifestyle. But they felt such a calling to help people that they knew they had to share the message.

Personally, I have been cautious. Maybe over cautious. Also I was still experiencing challenges and had questions that I wasn’t sure that I could answer. I continued to research, read, interview and meet experts in the raw vegan world. Gradually and eventually I got to the point where I was confident that I could significantly help a lot of people with my advice and made the decision to offer coaching.

You are here because you are curious about what I am offering and you are looking for some help. I believe I can offer you that help and want to give you a little more information on why I think I can help you.

Maybe you think you already have all the right information.  Is this really going to be worth it for you? Even once we have the right information and have clarity and direction, we need more than that.

It is the implementation and taking action where most people fail.

This is what prevents you from pushing forward and changing. Taking action can be scary, especially taking new action.

It can feel like you are changing your entire world, inside and out. It can be a little scary to do and this is the first barrier that stops you taking action. Change takes tremendous courage and to have that courage you must have confidence that the change you are making will take you in the right direction.

A coach can not only help you clarify the destination but also put together the roadmap and the strategy to get you there. They can also break that journey down into the daily and weekly steps and then keep you accountable to keep going.

As we proceed with changes, it is natural to feel and ebb and flow of different emotions. Initial excitement, followed by a complete loss of enthusiasm, followed by trying to find various reasons why changing would be a bad idea…and on and on. You talk yourself out of our own success sometimes purely because you have a natural inclination not to change.

A coach can help you keep on the right track when your cravings, habits and addictions are making it a real struggle. You have probably given into your cravings many times before. A coach is the best ally to help you fight them and get to the results you want.

Here is a little about me:

Me with others leaders of the raw vegan movement at UK Fruitfest 2018

My name is Ronnie Smith and for the last 5 years I have successfully run one of the best raw vegan events in the world, UK Fruitfest. I also helped to start a similar event in Canada called the Canada Fruitfest. I have been a vegan since Sept 2011 and raw vegan since August 2012.

I have always been on a health conscious path. I never smoked cigarettes or took drugs and can count the number of times I drank alcohol on one hand.

As I got to my teens and early twenties I realised my health was in decline and I did not have the energy, happiness or fitness that I once had. After much reflection I realised that the changes had to come from within.

Over 200 people a UK Fruitfest 2018, here I am thanking the volunteer team

I began to experiment with diet and gave up sugar, closely followed by all forms of caffeine, then later on made transitions towards vegetarian then vegan diets.

These changes were not easy. Some of them took years of struggle and experiment, others were changes made overnight. I learned a lot from all of these experiences about how to successfully give up harmful foods and transition to a better diet.

Each one of these changes was huge and had me encounter emotional and physical symptoms of detox but I knew I was heading in the right direction and grew in confidence with my ability to make the changes I needed to make to.

With Kristina Carillo- Bucaram (Fully Raw Kristina) at UK Fruitfest 2018

When I heard about the raw vegan diet it immediately made sense to me. I started to experiment with it straight away but had no idea what I was doing. I became obsessed with learning about the raw vegan lifestyle and would watch hundreds of hours or videos of speakers and teachers online.

I ended up travelling to over 5 different countries spanning 3 continents to attend events, festivals and retreats that allowed me to sit at the table with the best teachers and gurus in the raw vegan community and ask them questions face to face.

Many of these people became trusted friends which led to me creating the UK Fruitfest, the first festival in the UK that promoted a 100% low fat raw vegan lifestyle.

With Dr Doug Graham and his dog Daisy at UK Fruitfest 2018

In those 5 years I have acquired a lifetime of experience and I truly believe I have many essential bits of information and knowledge that will help people to transition to this lifestyle in the quickest and most effective way.

I strive to provide as much of that information as I can on my Youtube channel which now has over 380,000 views and over 2300 subscribers

Believe me, changing to this lifestyle can be hard. You can spend the hundreds of hours I spent, easliy over £15,000 in traveling and event fees, or you can book some coaching with me and get all of my best advice immediately and without leaving the comfort of your home.

Why don’t I coach for free? Surely, I could be a service to more people if I removed the price?

The truth is that I have offered a lot of free advice over the years but eventually I realised an essential truth of life. No one values anything they get for free. In fact, they often have very little respect for the information provided by someone who gives it out for free regardless of how accurate that is.

And when we offer things for free we attract people who are merely curious but not truly committed to getting the advice. Too many times I have done my best to fill people’s heads and hearts with life changing information only to find that they had no intention of using that information. They simply were not ready or committed to change.

I have realised in myself, that when I wanted something, I had no problem with paying. In fact, I would have felt bad to have received a service or a product without exchanging something in return. For years, of course, I tried to work everything out myself and thought this was the best way. In truth, I realised quickly that although I could work it out in the end, If I had simply went to a coach to ask those questions I would have made changes easier, faster and with more confidence. It also would have worked out a lot cheaper for me.

You may still wonder why it is worth paying for coaching. Is it really worth it?

Why pay for advice when there is an abundance of free information out there? In fact there is more information than ever before available at our finger tips.

But it is not information that we need. We are drowning in information. We need clarity. We need direction. We need answers RIGHT NOW!

Do you really have 5, 10 or 15 years to learn all of this information yourself…to piece it all together? 5 to 10 years of constant failure with the embarrassment, guilt and unhappiness that comes along with that?  Aren’t there a hundred other things you would rather do with your time?

And if you do decide to spend your time that way, how valuable is your time to you?

Indulge me for a moment with a little maths.

Let’s say you pay yourself the minimum wage of £7.83 per hour for your time.  If you spend even just 1 hour of everyday for the next 5 years researching health information, reading books looking for answers, watching videos for inspiration instead of working that lost time would be the equivalent of £14,289.75!?! (1hr x 365 days x 5 years x £7.83)

But let’s say you are  being paid the UK average wage of £13.80 per hour: you are losing £25,185 of time looking for answers about your health!?!

For many people, that figure is a lot more.  Consider what your number is?  Would it not be better to get all of this information provided to you, all of your questions answered, and get on the right path now and be full prepared to face all of the challenges that lie ahead?

A coach can help you create new habits….once those habits are in place you become your own coach. Work with me for a relatively short period of time and you will be able to create a new set of habits that will propel you to towards better health for now and for the future.

The value from coaching will continue on for years, decades or even and entire lifetime after you have finished the coaching experience.

Health coaching can be an incredibly valuable experience.  But what is the value of having the best health possible health every day?

Let’s look at it like this. Imagine everyday you passed a magic donation box. A sign beside the magic box promised that if you donated a little money into it every day you would in return be provided with perfect health for the rest of your life.

You would wake up every day full of energy bursting with life, with enthusiasm and joy. Nothing would ever get you down and no sickness would ever affect you.

Your skin, hair and nails would always shine and your digestion would always be easy.

Aches and pains would be gone, headaches a thing of the past, and you would be at your perfect, slim weight every day. Just for donating to the box and nothing more.

The only catch is that the more you were able to donate to the box, the better would be the result.

What would you contribute to that box? 1 penny a day, £1, £5? There are many people that would contribute more than that to ensure their health and happiness. Think about this for a moment and ask yourself what YOUR daily contribution would truly be?

This isn’t entirely accurate but it starts to paint a picture of the value we place on our health for the rest of our lifetime.

But lets say you are conservative in your spending and only wish to contribute £1 per day. Of course in a year that ends up at £365, and in a decade this would be ten times as much.

If you have another 40 years of life you end up investing £14,600 to maintain your health and happiness. And that is for a conservative spender; those who truly value the gift of health may spend 2, 3 or even 5 times as much making the investment over time total over £70,000!

In reality of course our health, youthfulness and vitality are worth so much more. I remember reading the autobiography of Felix Dennis, who was a publishing tycoon from the UK. He was worth many hundreds of millions of pounds but in his later life as he became ill said he would give it up in a heartbeat to regain his failing health.

Hundreds of millions of pounds of course is not the amount any reasonable person would pay for health coaching but it starts to give us a good idea of how the value can be different for many people and the resulting benefit can be enormous.

What Do Health Coaches Charge For Their Services?

Here are some examples of what other coaches out there are offering:

An example of what another Health Coach charges
An example of what another Health Coach charges
An example of what another Health Coach charges
An example of what another Health Coach charges
An example of what another Health Coach charges
An example of what another Health Coach charges

I have seen all sorts of offers over the years for coaching. I know people that offer coaching purely by donation and the client pays what they want or perhaps doesn’t pay at all. I have also heard of health coaches who had access to highly wealthy individuals and literally charged $50,000 for a month of coaching….the catch was the person could get the money back if they stuck to the programme!

The value of health coaching will be different for different people. If you are a professional athlete looking to take your performance and career to another level it is no wonder their coaches earn hundreds of thousands of pounds per year. Just one extra year in such a career could be millions of dollars of a difference to athletes.

But let’s get realistic…..

Mostly, I see Health Coaches charge from £45 -£120 for an hour of their time answering their clients questions one on one.

A package of 10 or 20 sessions with a typical health coach could be from £400 to £1200.  If you keep booking an individual session every 2 weeks you could end up spending £1176 to £3120+ over the course of a year without really realising it.  For weekly sessions this could be £2340 to £6240 pounds in a year.

This may be worth it, if it gets you results.  But for many people it turns into just a talking session.  Sometimes the subject wanders and you can easily lose focus on what the session is supposed to be about and you start to question what is the value of the call.

Meanwhile, the coach is lying in the sun in Thailand, happy in the knowledge that your coaching money is paying for another few months rent for them to blissfully do nothing.  An easy life!  Great for them…not so great for you.

For me, I think that charging thousands of pounds for conversations that lead nowhere seems like a waste of time AND money.

This is why I have decided to structure things a little differently.

  • I have created a programme that combines consultation and ongoing daily coaching with a strong aspect of measurement and monitoring of results to create accountability.
  • We will work together on a daily basis on creating specific actions you can take that will help you lead towards your goals.
  • Results will be measured by yourself and monitored by both of us to ensure the best chance of reaching your goals.  We can then adjust those actions on a daily basis to make sure you are on the right track.
  • Materials will be provided to give you information to refer to and study.

I want to make sure you get the results you are looking for.  Of course, this is in part because I want to help you but the benefit to me is that if you get great results you are likely to tell others who will then become my clients also.  This will allow me to reach more people and save the time and money I might put into advertising or promoting my services via social media.

For me, the reason I am doing this now is not entirely financial. I do like getting paid for my time, especially if I get a result for someone but really what I am seeing now is that I have to start getting my experience out there.

I am seeing too many people heading in the wrong direction under the advice of less qualified coaches with poor and confusing information.

So I am looking to make this affordable to as many people as possible while still charging an amount that I believe is fair and accurate for the value of the advice and help given.

And the money I get?  Most of this will go back into promoting this information to more people and investing in new ways to reach more people.  Ultimately, the goal is turn the whole planet towards eating this way.  To do that will take time, work and some money to help.  You can be safe in the knowledge that any money you give me is going towards creating a healthier and better vegan world.

What Support Is Offered?

I offer consultation for the following subjects:

1. Changing to a raw vegan diet and succeeding on it long term to achieve the best levels of health possible. There is more to this than simply eating fruits and vegetables. A lot of changes must be made and a lot of new ideas must be embraced. New habits of eating must be implemented. Over the years I have had thousands of hours of conversations with the leading experts in the raw vegan field….this has led me to make a number of conclusions upon the best way to do this diet. I can share all of this with you in a way that makes sense to your life and lifestyle.

2. Overcoming addictions to foods that are causing you problems. This is a lot more complicated than it may sound. Addiction to harmful habits is the number one thing that ruins people’s health. Most people fail to get rid of their addictions. Whether you wish to give up sugar, coffee, cheese, milk, meat, or all cooked food in general I have been through these experiences many times and know I can help.

3. Weight loss, helping you overcome all of the challenges to losing weight. This will include breaking addictions and creating new habits of eating healthier foods but it also includes putting together a progamme of tracking your weight, and monitoring your eating and activity to make sure you are making progress towards weight loss. I am very passionate about helping people with this as I know it is one of the biggest risk factors towards chronic disease.

Who Can I Not Help?

  • Those seeking medical advice – Up front, I want to be absolutely clear that I am not offering medical advice. I will not be analysing your blood tests and stool samples and will not be recommending medications or supplementation. For me, this kind of information falls into the category of medicine and should only be given out by a qualified medical practitioner that knows your full background history. I only coach on the principles of health creation through adopting diet and lifestyle habits that put our selves in the best position for healing to occur naturally.
  • Those looking for a miracle or magic – The raw vegan diet is not a pathway to immortality nor will it cure all of the problems of your life overnight. Healing takes time and sometimes there are limitations. We can not neglect our health for 40 years then expect it to come back to us in a weekend. If you are looking for fast results, you may get them, but you may also have to commit long term. I do not coach those looking to experiment with breathairianism, urine therapy, herbalism or other things that I believe have no value.
  • Those looking to fast- I have little experience in this area and would always suggest any fast is taken place under supervision and preferably with medical supervision. Please be wary of anyone suggesting you fast without knowing your health history. There are many situations in which fasting is not recommended.
  • Those from eating disorder backgrounds– it could be argued that we all come from an eating disorder background as we have been brought up on an unhealthy diet. Specifically, I believe that eating disorder issues must be dealt with by trained professionals in that area to help a person untangle the mental and emotional traumas that have led them to this place. If you suffer from such a condition such as anorexia or bulimia, I can potentially refer you to some people that can provide you with some help.
  • Those looking to improve their fitness- I am happy to help athletes and fit people but I do not offer advice on building fitness or strength apart from the very basics if requested. This is not an area of expertise for me. I am happy to create a dietary programme and coaching for athletes or can refer you to someone with more specific athletic experience if requested.
  • Those who wish to juice cleanse/juice fast/master cleanse etc – For me, the greatest changes in our health come from long term improvements to our habits. Cleanses and fasts are short term approaches that yield short term results. So often, I have seen people dramatically lose weight on a juice cleanse, only to put the weight back on later. This binge/purge cycle is what a lot of people are caught in and it only produces stress and further problems long term. I want to show you how to eat and live every day, so that you never feel like you need to fast or cleanse.
  • Those looking for a quick fix – change takes time. There is not easy answer or simple solution to regaining your health. If you are looking for a quick solution I am yet to find it.

What Does My Raw Transformation Health Coaching Programme Offer?

Essentially, there are two parts to my health coaching programmes; consultation and ongoing coaching. The consultation will allow you to ask me all of the questions you have about this diet and lifestyle. I would suggest that you come to the initial consultation session prepared with questions to get the maximum value from it.

The consultation process also helps us to work together to find out where you are right now and where you want to go. I will put together a plan from their, with your input, on the best way for you to move forward towards your goals.

The second part to this is ongoing coaching. This is where on an ongoing basis further information is provided, questions are answered and encouragement, advice and motivation are offered through telephone or online video communication (skype etc). Guidance on simple things like where to shop, how to pick the ripest and best fruits, when and how much to eat are all essential to making this lifestyle easier.

Although medical advice is not offered, if you are experiencing any negative issues I will provide recommendations on where to go to seek further help or advice if I can not offer it.

What Does Consultation With Me Involve?

Before any commitment is made we will have a brief 15 minute chat either online or via phone to determine if this is right for you. Once we are happy to both work together we will set up a 1hr 30minute consultation meeting to go through in detail what process of change you want to go through.

We will go through a multiple choice questionnaire that I have designed to determine the best path for you to follow. This will help us to design your coaching pathway and get specific on where you are right now and where you want to go.

We will then come up with achievable goals and targets, that will be specific and measurable and realistic for you to achieve. We will break these goals down in to daily actions and forecast the weekly and monthly results that should come from this.  I will organise this entire process so that you don’t have to think about it.

I will challenge you to go a little farther than you may find comfortable, but only if I believe you are setting your goals too low.

What Does Ongoing Coaching Involve?

Once we have created this clear road map to your success, you will then track your performance each day on a document we will create so that I will be able to help monitor your progress on a daily basis.

Each week we will reconvene for a 1 hour meeting (by phone or skype) to go over how the week went, at the end of each month this will be a 90 minute session to make any readjustments that need to be made.

Along with the consultation process and the ongoing support you will receive the following extras:

  • a full recipe plan of recipes that fit in line with your tastes and specific desires
  • full information on the nutritional content of almost all raw foods to allow you to easily make sure you are eating and getting enough
  • a day plan guide with a specific guide on what to eat in a day
  • a guide to buying fruit and other raw foods and getting the best prices and quality
  • a recommended reading guide for books and websites you may wish to read for further encouragement. A recommended video guide for videos you may wish to watch.
  • over 200 recipes to help you find inspiration on making raw food delicious

Other Added Bonuses

Free Access To The UK Fruitfest Archive – a precious archive of over 50 hours of lectures from some of the best teachers and most influential leaders in the raw food movement filmed live at the last 4 UK Fruitfest events. A gold mine of information that you will use for a lifetime. 1 year access is a value of £228, yours free for life with this programme.  Lifetime access includes new videos being added every year.

My 20 Video Course “100%: Going 100% Raw For Life” – A yet to be released video course with 20 lessons covering the fundamentals of the raw food diet and lifestyle. Value- £97, yours for free as part of this programme.

Interviews With Raw Vegan Leaders –  A package of filmed interviews with raw vegan leaders from all over the world.

25% Discount to any UK Fruitfest event – Get a 25% discount to any Fruitfest event. This applies to you only but you can use it for 3 events. This could lead to a total saving of over £400-£600.

Books And Materials Provided at No Extra Cost –  As we go along in the programme I want to help you get educated on the science and principles behind achieving success with a raw vegan diet.  At no extra cost, you will receive these materials as part of the programme (total value approx £65) :

[amazon_link asins=’B00I0UM8UC,0544559118,1570673276,1570672385′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’fruitfest-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’102b3a1e-d1a4-11e8-9837-05580e7bae4b’]

TOTAL VALUE OF ADDED BONUSES – £940+ (all free as part of this programme)


Raw Transformation Level 1:

Rapid Success Programme: 90 Days (3 Months)

For those ready to make the fastest change. This programme is for those who are prepared to make changes now and are happy to be pushed a little outside of their comfort zone to achieve rapid success.

My programmes start from a minmum of 3 months (90 days) of support and consultation. I offer this as I only wish to work with the truly committed who are looking to make a lifelong change. I also believe this is the only duration of time that makes sense for helping someone to implement changes. If you are ready to do this please read on.

What does this programme consists of?

Consultation- An initial 90 minute meeting in which I will answer all of your questions about this process and about this diet and lifestyle. Please be fully prepared with your questions. I will also go through fully what this process will involve, the challenges you may face and how to overcome those challenges. For the last 15 minutes of the session we will set up your ongoing coaching and support programme.

Ongoing Coaching and Support- Firstly, we will set up a Google Sheet (or similar document) that we both have access to. I can show you how to do this easily. On this we will create a calendar for the next 90 days and we will agree upon targets and daily, weekly and monthly goals. This is important to create focus on what the intended outcomes are.

We will set up certain targets to follow each day. We will track, your food consumption and activity on a daily basis and each week we will reflect on your experience of that week.

Each week we will have a 60 minute call by phone/skype/facebook call etc to go over your progress for the week and provide further advice. At the end of each month a longer 90 minute call will be scheduled to go over any tweaks or changes that should be made.

Daily Access – Between coaching calls you will have access to receive answers on a daily basis from me either via email, text message or Whatsapp. Answers will come daily but not instantly.

Raw Transformation Level 2 – Gentle Transition Programme: 180 Days (6 months)

I recommend this as the best option for most people. Realistically, it can take around 6 months to properly transition to a raw vegan diet for many people. For those looking to overcome a food addiction or lose weight this is also my recommended amount of time for fully getting your new lifetime habits implemented. This time frame is also for people who may be struggling still with the idea of giving up their previous habits and would like a gentler, easier transition that gives them full time to adapt to change.

Consultation- An initial 90 minute meeting in which I will answer all of your questions about this process and about this diet and lifestyle. Please be fully prepared with your questions. I will also go through fully what this process will involve, the challenges you may face and how to overcome those challenges. For the last 15 minutes of the session we will set up your ongoing coaching and support programme.

Ongoing Coaching and Support- Firstly, we will set up a Google Sheet that we both have access to. I can show you how to do this easily. On this we will create a calendar for the next 90 days and we will agree upon targets and daily, weekly and monthly goals. This is important to create focus on what the intended outcomes are.

We will set up certain targets to follow each day. We will track, your food consumption and activity on a daily basis and each week we will reflect on your experience of that week.

Each week we will have a 60 minute call by phone/skype/facebook call etc to go over your progress for the week and provide further advice. At the end of each month a longer 90 minute call will be scheduled to go over any tweaks or changes that should be made.

Daily Access – Between coaching calls you will have access to receive answers on a daily basis from me either via email, text message or Whatsapp. Answers will come daily but not instantly.

Raw Transformation Level 3: Cruising To Raw- 1 Year Programme

Similar to the above programme but with an additional 6 months of extra ongoing coaching. It will be designed for a year long transition giving you ample time to make your change. Occasional breaks will be taken in contact to account for holidays and travel.

Raw Transformation Level 4 -The Tortoise Defeats The Hare: (2 Year Programme)

I don’t know about you but I often see myself as the tortoise: taking a long time to make a change, but always getting there in the end.  Similar to the above programme but with an additional 18 months of extra ongoing coaching. Designed for a very slow transition that will allow you to go at your own pace but also to allow you to see and feel incremental and steady progress.

Live In Home Coaching Programme- 1 Month Intensive

Some people find that they need the presence of an individual that can help them to make the changes they want to make. They want the full time and attention of someone that can do everything for them in their home. What if I could stay with you for one month and help you change your diet, your environment and all of your habits?

This would include

  • creating a home environment that maximises your chance of success
  • helping to communicate with your family or friends exactly what you are hoping to do
  • sourcing and shopping for the food you will eat
  • preparing meals for you each evening and preparing food for your day (I can bring kitchen tools to help)
  • daily discussions and advice
  • easy to moderate exercise daily

If this is for you then arrangement must be made in advance. My availability for doing a one month intensive is fairly limited.


Prices will only be disclosed in full on a phone call.  To set a fair expectation of the prices, please consider what you might expect to pay to hire a specialist to work with you full time for 3 months or more.

Refund Policy

We will both work out specific targets and goals for you to achieve.  If you can honestly say that you followed my advice, turned up for the sessions and tracked your progress everyday in the way that I ask and that after doing that you did not get a result I guarantee you will get a 100% refund.  No refund will be given for those who do not participate in the programme fully or for those who meet or exceed the agreed upon results.

How Do I Get Started?

Please book a call with me straight away.  This call will be a minimum of 15 minutes.