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UK Fruitfest’s Biggest Ever Prize Draw

Win A Free Ticket (Plus Travel Expenses)To Europe’s Biggest Raw Vegan Fruitfest!

Sign up for our biggest ever competition.  Here is what you could win:

  • 1 x Free tickets for you and a friend to come to UK Fruitfest 21st to 28th of July (accommodation, food, and access to all of our workshops and classes included.  Plus £300 towards your travel expenses)
  • 2 x Free full access camping ticket (covers access to our campsite for the full festival, all of our meals and access to all of the classes and workshops)
  • 10 x Win 5 of the best raw vegan ebooks donated by our presenters
  • 3 x Half Price camping ticket (covers access to our campsite, all of our meals and classes for 8 days)
  • 2 x UK Fruitfest official hoodie
  • 3 x UK Fruitfest official T- Shirt


Attending UK Fruitfest is your Chance to Meet Raw Vegan Pioneers and Leaders:

Kristina Carillo-Bucaram, Melissa Raimondi and Ted Carr.  These photos were all taken at Fruitfest 2018.  They will be coming back to Fruitfest 2019.



Top Row: Chris Kendall, Professor Rozalind Graham, Paul and Yulia Tarbath, Dr Doug Graham

Bottom Row: Harriet Kjaer, Grant Campbell, Anne Osborne, Ronnie Smith (founder of UK Fruitfest)

UK Fruitfest is a place to discover a glimpse of the life changing benefits of going on a fully raw diet:


more happiness, feelings of positive and gratitude and joy

– a greater feeling of connection to nature and spirit

boundless, unstoppable energy all day long

– a glow of wellbeing that surrounds you

clear shining youthful skin, hair and nails

– an unimaginable boost in your performance, be that in sports, fitness or in other aspects of life

a razor sharp clear mind, no more headaches and no more foggy brain moments

– effortless and sustainable weight loss, easily shedding pounds down to the body of your dreams

Many people have claimed these benefits and many more from a raw vegan diet.

Let us take care of you for 1 whole week at UK Fruitfest 2019. Enjoy an entire week of the most vibrant, nutrient rich, nourishing foods on the planet

What Do Fruitfest Attendees Get?

  • Accommodation is provided
  • 100% raw vegan meals are provided 3 times per day
  • Morning fitness classes with world class coaches (optional)
  • a 7 Day Educational Programme taught by the best educators in the raw vegan lifestyle
  • Entertainment each night (you can get involved too!)
  • Workshops and discussion groups
  • Activities for children
  • Your chance to meet and have dinner with your favourite raw vegan fruitarian influencers and celebrities


Get Your Copy Of Our Recipe Book As A Gift



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