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Are You Getting Started On Your Raw Vegan Journey? Are you struggling with the raw vegan diet? Are you starting to feel like you are missing some essential piece of the puzzle?

The truth is that you probably are! You are very likely to make a number of key mistakes on the raw vegan diet. This is because it is a whole new approach to eating that you have to get used to and this comes with a lot of challenges.

Have you experienced any of these symptoms…

– losing too much weight on a raw diet

– gaining too much weight on a raw diet

– feeling light headed

– feeling unmotivated, tired, lethargic

– feeling low on sex drive/libido

– feeling unsatisfied and yet not feeling hungry

– blood sugar issues

– feeling pain in the solar plexus/throat/shoulders area after eating fruit

– cold and flu symptoms

– pains in your joints

– uncontrollable cravings for cooked foods

– uncontrollable cravings for eating more fat

Are you worried about these nutritional issues?:

– can I get enough protein on a raw vegan diet?

– can I get enough fat on a raw vegan diet?

– can I get all of the minerals I need on a raw vegan diet? (calcium, iodine, sodium etc)

– can I get enough vitamins on a raw vegan diet?

– what about vitamin D, vitamin b12 or raw vegans?

– can I produce enough hormones like testosterone on a raw vegan diet?

– can I grow muscle on a raw vegan diet and get stronger?

– will I have enough energy on a raw vegan diet?

Or perhaps you are more concerned about these things….

– will I be able to afford a raw vegan diet?

– does a raw vegan meal take too long to prepare?

– is a raw vegan diet too complicated?

– is it possible to eat raw in the winter?

– will I feel hungry on a raw diet?

– will I always feel cold on a raw vegan diet?

– can I only do a raw vegan diet in the tropics?

– how will I find good quality fruit for a raw vegan diet?

– will I lose all of my friends and not be able to socialise anymore?

– will I be able to fit in at work?

If you have had these worries and concerns on your raw vegan journey, you are not alone!

It is very common for people to come to a raw vegan lifestyle carrying concerns and fears that come from common misconceptions surrounding diet that many people believe to be true. We have all been told that we require milk for calcium, red meat for iron, oily fish for omega 3 and so on. It is common, though false, to assume that these foods are therefore a necessary part of our diet.

Thriving on a raw vegan lifestyle requires that you give up ideas, myths, memes and stories that are commonly circulated in society (often the product of advertising and not science). This is not as easy as it sounds. Old habits die hard, and old ideas often stick around in a person’s mind longer that they should

A recent study showed that a lack of education was one of the main factors that stopped a person from being able to stick with their raw vegan diet. Without education, we can not unlearn our old ideas and embrace new ones. With good education we can feel confident in making changes without any of the old fears and worries taking us back to our old habits.

Be One Of The First People To Try Out My New Course:

A Beginners Guide To The Raw Vegan Diet”

What does this course involve?

The course, released for the first time, is made up of 12 live online classes that will be broadcast live online, on Monday nights 7pm GMT and Thursday night 7pm GMT starting from the 13th of January. The classes will be available to watch outside of those times also.

What it includes

– 12 presentations covering everything a beginner must know about the raw vegan lifestyle

– an online group and community for sharing ideas and feedback

– ebooks and materials, you will get a study guide for each class and some questions to test yourself on your knowledge

– online Q and A and discussion sessions to learn more

Lecture programme:

1. Health Is Not Just Our True Wealth, It Is Everything!

Before we get into the detail about a raw vegan diet, firstly we must be committed to building our health for the future. Do you truly appreciate your health? Do you realise how fundamentally important it is? In this lecture we will expand and change your vision of how critically important being healthy is and why changing your diet is essential in achieving this.

2. Why Making A Change To Your Diet Is One Of The Hardest Things Your Will Ever Do!

In this presentation, you will learn to set your expectations correctly for the difficult task of changing diet. Learn why we struggle to make changes and stay motivated on a healthier path. Learn about the psychology behind our motivations and habits.

3. The Terrifying Truth About The Standard Diet!

The standard diet that most people eat is truly dangerous. It leads people predictably towards a decline in health and the development of disease. We will be going through the problems with this diet and why we must move away from what is seen as average or common in order to get uncommon results.

4. Our Biggest Killers: Meat, Dairy, Eggs and Oil.

In this presentation we will go into more detail about the problems with meat, dairy and eggs and why we must go vegan to embrace a truly healthy lifestyle. If you do not know the reality of how damaging these foods are you may lose your motivation to stay vegan.

5. The Problems With Cooked Food (including cooked vegan foods)

Why going raw is critical to achieve optimal health. Why a diet comprising cooked food should never be seen as a truly healthy diet. We will go through a number of problems that come from cooking our food. We will also seek to discuss myths around cooked food, such as that cooked food is what made us human and is therefore essential to us.

6. Can We Really Go Raw?

In this presentation we will ask if humans are capable of a raw vegan diet. Why is a raw vegan diet not common in the world, yet it is the way all other animals eat. Why have human societies not stuck to raw diets? Why do so few people stick to a raw diet?

7. The Best Raw Vegan Diet Must Be Based On Fruit

In this lectures we will start talking about fruit. We must build a wholly positive relationship with fruit if we wish to be successful on a raw vegan diet. We will talk about why fruit is so important for human health.

8. Can We Get Everything We Need On A Raw Vegan Diet?

Whether is is proteins, carbohydrates or fats your are concerned about, people want to make sure they can get everything they need on a raw vegan diet. We will cover this information on this presentation.

9. How To Plan Your Raw Vegan Programme For Success

In this presentation we will talk about how to prepare and plan a suitable raw vegan diet that covers your needs and is enjoyable, easy and fun.

10. Can We Afford To Eat A Raw Vegan Diet?

There is no point in finding the best diet if we can not afford it. Can this lifestyle be affordable for all? We will go over ways to make this an affordable lifestyle choice.

11. Myths, lies and nonsense in the natural foods movement

In this presentation we will go over inaccurate ideas that are peddled in the raw foods community. We will also go over dangerous health practices that should be avoided or approached with caution.

12. Longterm Success On A Raw Vegan Diet

Learn more in this final presentation about what it takes to go raw long term. Learn about the mindset of a long term raw vegan and how they manage to stick to this path for life.

Who Has Created This Course?

Ronnie Smith is the founder of the UK Fruitfest, one of the world’s best events for the raw vegan lifestyle. A raw vegan for 8 years, Ronnie has travelled the world meeting and working with the best and most effective teachers of a raw vegan lifestyle. He has been a frequent attendee at legendary raw vegan events such as The Woodstock Fruit Festival, Fruit Winter in Thailand, The Puraw Festival in Spain, The Fresh Food Festival in Denmark, The Canada Fruit Fest and the Fruits and Health festival in Slovenia.

Having met thousands of people who have been on the raw vegan journey, Ronnie has seen the many pitfalls and mistakes that people make while going raw. He has also seen the habits of those who are successful longterm. He has helped thousands of people go raw through his courses, events and online videos reaching nearly a half a million people worldwide.

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What To Do Next And How To Join This Course

As this is the first time this course has run, you will get a chance to be part of it for an extremely low price and there will also be an offer to participate for FREE if you qualify. Why is this?

We are looking for your feedback to help improve the course for the future before we offer it to the public at large. As a test run, we are looking to make sure it is effective firstly. If you are happy to provide a testimonial and feedback about the course you may qualify for a full refund.

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