Love Fruit Membership

The UK Fruitfest is proud to present the Love Fruit Seed To Fruit Programme.

This is a programme based upon over 10 years of research and the success stories of hundreds of long term raw vegans around the world. It is a step by step programme that is designed to take the initiate through the rocky roads, the trials and tribulations of changing to a raw vegan lifestyle.

The raw vegan diet and lifestyle are simple but changing your diet and maintaining those new changes long term can be a great challenge. For many people it is the most difficult challenge of their lifetime.

Not only do new skills need to be learned but a whole new mindset and way of looking at your diet must be adopted. Emotional and psychological changes will take place that can be challenging to experience. A person must learn to deal with the world around them in a different way and become a stronger person in the process.

The benefits are huge and it is worth the challenge but we wanted to make this process easier, safer and more effective. We also wanted to add more motivation and fun to the process. This is why we have created this as a group programme in which people will work together on the path of progress and sharing their results, their feedback and experiences to help gain continual inspiration to keep pushing forward with these changes.

Who is this programme for?

For beginner’s who are looking to successfully adapt to a raw vegan diet and lifestyle. This could also be for anyone who has yet to successfully complete their transition to a fully raw vegan lifestyle.

What does the programme consist of?

This level will allow you to progress through 7 stages of development that will help to guide you and provide structure on your journey to a raw vegan diet and lifestyle. You will be provided with education, tasks, activities, a weekly call and group discussion. You will be provide with educational materials and materials to help you track your growth.

The theme of the programme is the development of a seed to a mature fruit. A natural journey of growth through 7 stages to reach the end goal. Each step along the way, the foundation is more firmly planted to create a base for long term success.

We suggest that you follow all daily tasks and all activities and try to complete within the minimum time slot suggested.

The entire time suggested to take this full project is 6 -18 months. 

How To Get Started

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