Get Paid To Eat Avocado

A recent article published on the Boston Globe website is claiming that there is a new study in which participants will be paid to eat an avocado every day for 6 months.

You can read that article here:

The study seeks to discover what is the effect on body weight of a person consuming one avocado per day.  Most people would assume that as avocados are high in calories and fat that naturally they will make a person gain weight. However, some information suggests this may not be the case.

This topic has been covered somewhat in this video by NutritionFacts youtube channel:

It has been found that avocado eaters are healthier and slimmer, however the question is whether that is anything to do with the avocados themselves or whether it is an indication that avocado eaters generally have a healthier diet.

It appears there has been no conclusive study on this yet, so it will be interesting to see the results.

Four American Universities have teamed up to enroll 1000 people into the trial, called the “Habitual Diet and Avocado Trial”.

If you are anywhere near Tufts University, Loma Linda University, Pennsylvania State University, or University of California, Los Angeles perhaps you can get involved and get free avocado for 6 months!