Increase Your Carbohydrates, Improve Your Health

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You may have seen a lot of information telling you to reduce the amount of carbohydrates you eat.

You may have come across “low-carb” diets in which the aim is to eat very little carbohydrates or NO carbohydrates at all.

Why Is This A Misguided Idea?

The Human Body’s preferred source of calories is from carbohydrates.  The longest living and healthiest cultures, studied in the Blue Zones study, universally lived on diets in which carbohydrates made up at least 70% of the calories.

To be optimally healthy we must eat enough carbohydrates every day.  If we don’t then inevitably we will turn to consuming fat to make up the difference.  The more fat we eat the less efficient our body becomes at uptaking, transporting and utilising oxygen and blood sugar.  This has a negative impact on our health, our mood and our performance.

Check out the video with Dr Graham to find out more.