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Did Carolus Linnaeus (The Father Of Modern Taxonomy) Say That Human Beings Are Frugivores?

“To say that humans have the anatomical structure of an omnivore is an egregiously inaccurate statement. The great taxonomist Carolus Linnaeus, (1707-1778), a Swedish naturalist and botanist who established the modern scientific method of classifying plants and animals, classified humans not as carnivores, not as omnivores, nor even as herbivores, but as frugivores. Linnaeus writes: “Man’s…

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Is a raw vegan diet suitable for everyone?

Is a raw vegan diet suitable for everyone? Have you ever heard someone say: “your diet may work for you, but it would not work for me” It’s frustrating when people buy in to the notion that there is a unique diet for each person. Yet they never seem to realise: – we are all…

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