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What Do People Say About UK Fruitfest?

Learn More By Watching The Video Below….   Here are some things our previous attendees have said   “it’s been brilliant, I’ve loved every minute of it really; the talks, the food, the people it’s just been fantastic” – Steve Douglas, England “it was wonderful, this was my first time in England. I’ve been to other festivals…

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Mango Wodzak Interview For Love Fruit Podcast

Mango Wodzak appeared in a documentary called “Pure Fruit”. This documentary followed his journey from moving from Sydney to a more tropical climate in Northern Australia with his girlfriend Kveta. In the film he shares his philosophy on Fruitarianism and he shares his journey trying to find other like minded fruitarians. He bumps into infamous…

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Cravings On A Raw Vegan Diet – Video With Dr Douglas Graham

How do you know you have eaten enough on raw vegan diet? One main struggle people have on a raw vegan diet is working out whether they have eaten enough. In this video, Dr Doug Graham, talks about some of the main cravings people have on a raw food diet and why these are often…

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