Coronavirus Response: A Message To UK Fruitfest Community

We have started to receive a lot of messages asking whether the festival will go ahead this year in light of the Coronavirus.

The UK Fruitfest 2020 has no plan to cancel the event this year. So far, we have not been directed to do so and our venue is still open to us at this time.

You should therefore expect that the festival is going ahead as planned, at the same time and same location. You will receive a communication from us immediately if anything changes. Please make sure you are following our emails, and other social media pages to stay alerted.

Attendees of the event will be sent further confirmation of this by post very soon. This message will also contain further details of the event and what will be going on at the festival.

In the event that we have to change or cancel the event we are considering other options.

If the venue closes:

We will look for another suitable venue in the area with similar accommodation. We will keep you updated about this if anything like this happens.

If there is a ban on any event happening and all venues are closed:

We will make the festival a virtual event lasting the same length of time and with the same level of education as the festival. This will be accessible online or via phone conference.

If the event changes, especially if it is run online, the price of access to this will of course not be the same as access to a live event including food and accommodation. Details will be sent out in advance of this if and when it happens.

You may also choose to postpone your ticket, or a proportion of it to a future event or use the funds for another one of our other services.

Refunds and cancellations:

We have a refund policy in place for those who can not attend for any reason. Here is the policy in full:

  • Cancellations prior to 31st May 2020 are refunded at 100%, no fees taken off.
  • After this date and up to the 30th of June 2020, refunds come minus 25% of the ticket price.
  • From this date until the 10th of July 2020 at 5pm, a refund comes minus 50% of the ticket price. After this date there is no refund offered.

We fully expect to be able to honour all refunds and cancellations and indeed we set up the event, financially, in order to be able to deal with all eventualities. Most of the financial outlays of the festival take place closer to the event happening which makes this situation easier for us.

If our choice was to close the event and NOT lose money, or keep it going and lose money on it, we would choose the second. We have already started offering courses, coaching and other services in order to make extra revenue to keep the event going regardless of the financial situation of the event itself.

As a supporter of this event, you probably believe that getting a positive message of health empowerment through education and inspiration is very important at this time. Many people need to hear this message and we want to make sure we continue our work to get this message out there.

At this time, it is important that we take care of ourselves as well as possible and share with others the knowledge we have about living in excellent health.

What this situation is showing us, is how few people have real knowledge about creating excellent health for themselves. People are buying into the same old supplements, vitamins, potions and pills that just don’t work. People are panic buying toilet paper and staying in doors, rather than stocking up on fruits and vegetables and making sure they get fresh air.

Being in any kind of panic or worry state is also bad for our immune system. It is time to take advantage of this time to rest and relax. Focus on the positive and expect the best outcome for the future.You should look forward to this being the best Fruitfest yet and the best week of your summer if you are attending.

See you at the festival,

Ronnie Smith

UK Fruitfest

Augusto Valerio: An Interview With Italy’s Top Raw Vegan Lifestyle Expert

Augusto attended the Fruitfest for the first time last year. He travelled all the way from Rome, Italy with his partner Giuseppina.

Augusto is the only direct student of Dr Doug Graham in Italy and he is trying to share the message of a fruit based raw vegan diet to people there. Of course, this can be difficult in a country in which pasta is in his words is “a religion”.

Augusto works as a personal trainer helping people with their fitness goals and also helps people to transition to a vegan or raw vegan diet.

Recently, Ronnie from Fruitfest went to Rome and interviewed Augusto for the “Love Fruit” Podcast (available on our Youtube channel, and just about to be released on Spotify, Itunes and Stitcher).

We asked him about the raw vegan scene in Italy. He told us that he had been to a recent natural hygiene conference in Italy. Most of the teachers promote raw food but they do not have a consistent approach to succeeding on a 100% raw vegan diet. This led Augusto to continuing his search to finding out how to succeed on a truly raw diet.

Asked about his transitioned to raw, Augusto said:

it took a while, I transitioned from vegetarian to vegan, to raw food, back to cooked food but always vegan. I would say the whole period was 10 years. It is my opinion that the most addictive food is the food that creates in your body the strongest emotion. It may be connected to family or friends. For example, I liked certain foods my mother prepared for me. This is the real addiction, not always the food itself, but the emotion attached to the food.”

When asked about the benefits of going raw, Augusto said:

Yes, mental clarity. Energy, I can wake up without coffee and without stimulants. I sleep better, I don’t have digestive problems. Everything is better. It’s like putting the right fuel in your car, so the car just works”

When asked about the UK Fruitfest he said:

Incredible, maybe the best experience in my life around this lifestyle. And also for emotional reasons because I connected with incredible people. So really, it was a wonderful experience, I recommend this to anyone. Even if you are not interested in the raw food diet, try the UK Fruitfest, you will not be disappointed”

Learn more about Augusto in our interview on the Love Fruit podcast or his website: