Former Professor In Japan Claims Eating Fruit For 8 Years Made Him “Superhuman”

Does Eating Fruit Make You Superhuman?

According to this Japanese Professor, the answer is YES!

This article, published in HERE, states:

“In September of 2009, Nakano decided to experiment with his health and eat nothing but fruit all day, every day. He was aware that conventional wisdom says an only-fruit diet is unhealthy (mainly due to the “high amounts of sugar”), but found no science backing up these beliefs. As a result, he decided to try out the fruit-heavy diet.

He was very strict with his regimen. At one point, he opted to get all of his hydrated from fruit versus water. Before long, days turned to weeks. And then, weeks turned to years. What began as an experiment turned into a lifestyle, and Nakano says he’s never felt better.”

He became famous in Japan, then rumours spread about his death.  He has to go back on television to prove he was still alive.

Then he was studied by researchers.  This is where it gets weird:

“Nakano said researchers studied him and discovered something incredible. That is, that the complete lack of protein combined with a pure fruit diet caused certain fungi to grow in his intestine. That fungi is capable of converting nitrogen in the air to protein. Reportedly, the researchers told him that this is unique to Nakano’s body and that he is unlike any other human.”

Now, this to me sounds like nonsense.  Who were these researchers?  and the phrase “complete lack of protein” shows a misunderstanding about eating fruit.  How are other frugivores getting protein if they eat almost entirely fruit?  Though fruit has no animal protein in it, it has the building blocks by which we can make our own protein.

The article affirms that the evidence is anecdotal and has not been tested with the peer to peer review system.

Anyway, it’s great to know someone is spreading the fruity message in Japan!