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Why Was Venus Williams Raw Vegan Diet Unsustainable?

You may have recently come across this article on Insider.com https://www.insider.com/venus-williams-raw-vegan-diet-what-she-eats-now-2019-10 The article states that Venus Williams, a former Tennis Grand Slam champion, no longer follows her strict raw vegan diet. Venus said: “That way of eating was just hard to maintain for long periods of time,” Williams told Insider. “Sometimes you just need something…

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(VIDEO) Detox Truth With Dr Doug Graham

(VIDEO) Detox Truth With Dr Doug Graham     In the raw food community, a lot of misinformation has been spread over the years.  One of the main people that has worked to clear up some of these misguided ideas is Dr Doug Graham. We often hear people talk about “detoxing” about “cleansing” about getting…

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Deutsche Bank’s cost-cutting is so savage that it’s even stopped buying fruit for its staff

A recent article on businessinsider.com has shown that Deutsche bank has stopped buying fresh fruit for staff. This could be a bad decision for a number of reasons. Firstly fruit helps to protect against illness and disease leading to fewer sick days. Also, fruit is a superior food to help boost performance than any other…

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