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Cravings On A Raw Vegan Diet – Video With Dr Douglas Graham

How do you know you have eaten enough on raw vegan diet? One main struggle people have on a raw vegan diet is working out whether they have eaten enough. In this video, Dr Doug Graham, talks about some of the main cravings people have on a raw food diet and why these are often…

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Get Paid To Eat Avocado

A recent article published on the Boston Globe website is claiming that there is a new study in which participants will be paid to eat an avocado every day for 6 months. You can read that article here: https://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/2018/08/30/holy-guacamole-tufts-study-you-can-get-paid-eat-avocados/40xYLGf66YNKtRhpyVKZgP/story.html The study seeks to discover what is the effect on body weight of a person consuming one…

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Charity gets £100,000 to help families grow fruit and veg

This seems like a great idea. The article was just posted in the Northern Echo: A CHARITY has been given almost £100,000 to help disadvantaged families learn how to grow their own fruit and vegetables. OASES (Outdoor and Sustainability Education Specialists) was given the grant to help it deliver four Growing Together clubs around County…

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