Is The Carnivore Diet Safe?

Recently, the Carnivore Diet has started to gain some notoriety in the world of natural health.  Some are touting this as the solution to the growing health crisis.  Instead of reducing meat consumption, as is generally suggested, should we have a diet made entirely of meat?

Those who have tried it have experienced weight loss and some claim that it has helped them to get rid of chronic digestive problems.

One well known vegan Youtuber called Vegetable Police has recently converted to trying the Carnivore diet, and it seems like others have followed suit.  The reason that he wanted to try it was because of digestive issues that had plagued him for a long time.  These issues originally made him go to a raw vegan diet initially, which he previously claimed had cured him.

This has led to other vegan and raw vegan Youtubers making response videos about their opinion on the carnivore diet.  I have shared some of the best ones below for you to enjoy and learn from:

Ted Carr- My Response To The Carnivore Diet People



Dr Benjamin Benulis – The Carnivore Diet: My Thoughts



Mic The Vegan – Meat Only Diets Debunked