80. Joe Alexander “Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda”

A number of years ago, closer to the start of my quest to wisdom on the raw vegan lifestyle, I picked up a book called¬†“Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda”.

I must admit, I often go against the old axiom of never to judge a book by it’s cover.  Knowing nothing about this book and simply being grabbed by the comedic title I chose to give it a shot.

The book was a little different to other raw food books I had read, but was full of passion and intensity about the raw food lifestyle.  The author spoke about how the diet had changed his health and even made his art work come alive.

I remember taking the book to the Fresh Foods Festival in Denmark and as I read it many people were interested in the book.  I passed it on to an Israeli friend, Ran Antebi.  I asked him to pass it on when he finished it.  Perhaps it is still travelling around Israeli somewhere, touching the lives of all who open it’s pages.

I had never seen or heard of the the author, Joe Alexander, at any raw vegan event or gathering and certainly it appeared he has no presence online.  I found a profile on facebook but received no reply to my message.  I believe I even tried to phone him one time to no avail.

I gave up on contacting him for an interview until my friend Shari told me she was in touch with him and we arranged an interview.  This interview has been published today and you can watch and listen here:


You may find that his style of raw foodism is a little different that what you may come across in many of our interviews.  I don’t necessarily recommend his particular version of the diet, but I love to hear the various stories of raw food people and share those on the podcast.

I enjoyed the interview and hope you do too!

Stay fruity,

Ronnie Smith
UK Fruitfest

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