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81. Kuba Misiek – Eco Advisor and Detoxification Specialist

Kuba Misiek is a juicing and raw foods enthusiast originally coming from Canada (via Poland). He is a qualified eco-advisor and Detoxification Specialist.

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Mango Wodzak Interview For Love Fruit Podcast

Mango Wodzak appeared in a documentary called “Pure Fruit”. This documentary followed his journey from moving from Sydney to a more tropical climate in Northern Australia with his girlfriend Kveta. In the film he shares his philosophy on Fruitarianism and he shares his journey trying to find other like minded fruitarians. He bumps into infamous…

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My Journey To A Raw Vegan Diet (Talk at Glasgow Fruitarian, 801010, Raw Food Meetup with Fruitfest Founder Ronnie Smith)

Check out this video today! I gave this talk very recently at my Glasgow Fruitarian, 801010, Raw Food Meetup Group. It is a simple introduction to my raw vegan journey.  Please feel free to watch it and provide some feedback.  Also if you would like to share it with others I would be happy for…

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