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Is Cooked Food Addictive?

Is Cooked Food Addictive?   There is no doubt that one of the most controversial questions in the raw food world is whether cooked food is addictive or not. Most people who eat a 100% raw diet, or close to that, usually admit that they believe that cooked food (and even some raw foods) are…

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Fruitarian Anne Osborne Featured In UK’s Biggest Newspaper “The Sun”

Fruitarian Anne Osborne Featured In UK’s Biggest Newspaper “The Sun”   The article, titled:  Mum who has only eaten FRUIT for the last 27 years claims she never gets hungry – and even brought her children up on the same raw diet Can be read in full here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/food/7569677/mum-only-eaten-fruit-27-years-children-same-diet/ Recently, a journalist approached us to ask…

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Tesco to scrap ‘best before’ dates from fruit and vegetable lines

In the Guardian today it has been reported that Tesco is going to scrap best before dates from fruits and vegetable lines.  This is being put in plance in an effort to reduce food waste. Have you ever looked at the best before date on a fruit and thought “No chance….this is rock hard, it’s…

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This Video Made Me Go Raw Vegan

Around about September 2011, I had just come back from a trip to New York with my then girlfriend. I remember she asked “Would you ever go back to New York?” and I said “Probably not” A week later I was back home scrolling through facebook when a friend posted a film called Earthlings.  At…

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