90. Peter Csere – Founder Of Terra Frutis And Fruit Haven Eco Villages

Peter Csere is the co founder of the Terra Frutis eco village and the Fruit Haven eco village. Both of these are vegan and fruit based communities based in Ecuador. He is also helps to run the Amazon Fruit Festival that takes place in January each year.

Check out http://www.terrafrutis.com or http://www.fruithaven.org for information about the communities.

For information about Amazon Fruit Fest go here:

Or you can message Peter at peter.csere@protonmail.com

Peter’s personal website: http://www.yourbrainonfruit.com

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00:00 Introduction

02:36 Did you grow up with permaculture or veganism in your background?

04:08 When did you start making changes to your diet and lifestyle?

05:09 Where you originally looking into veganism or other diets also?

06:38 When did you start to go towards a vegan diet?

07:17 Did you learn about raw veganism quickly after going vegan?

08:18 How did you find out about 30BananasADay.Com and how did you get involved?

10:17 Did you notice a difference between raw vegan and vegan?

11:11 Many people were thrown off of 30BAD, what did you think about what when on in that website?

12:44 Was it on 30BAD that you had the original conversations about trying to buy land and growing fruit?

13:41 How did Terra Frutis come about?

15:57 A lot of intentional communities do not last. What have been the challenges of creating this community and how did you overcome them?

18:12 Many people would think you can just find land, invite people and everything will work out. What is the reality?

19:39 Tell us more about this part of the world…

21:30 Let’s talk about some of the wild life in this area

22:29 How many trees and types of fruit do you have growing here?

24:19 How can people find out more about Terra Frutis and Fruit Haven and find out more?

25:35 A warning for those who are investing into buying land in intentional communities

26:25 What is the difference between Terra Frutis and Fruit Haven?

28:15 What are the benefits to living here and living in community like this?

28:57 Are there any downsides to living here?

29:48 Do you feel there are psychological benefits to living in nature and around fruit trees?

30:42 How did the Amazon Fruit Fest start?

33:32 What do the activities of the festival include?

34:40 Is the festival a good way to visit for those who may wish to purchase land?

35:23 Tell us about the realities of buying a plot here and developing it

37:35 Tell us about your own piece of land and what you have done with it

38:35 For people considering coming here, what type of comomon principles that will they have to fit in with?

39:23 What are your plans for the future?

40:30 How can people contact you or the communities?

87. Lena Ropp – Founder Of @PureVeganFood

Lena Ropp is a Founder of PureVeganFood, a health & wellness brand that advocates nourishment for the mind, body, and soul by living life at the highest vibrations. Lena is a Plant-Based Chef, Recipe Developer, Food Stylist, Healthy Living Educator, Author, and Social media influencer based in Encinitas, California.

Lena creates daily delicious, high vibe plant-based meals and desserts by using the purest, wholesome ingredients and is passionate about spreading awareness for the beauty of a plant-based lifestyle.

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All episodes can be listened to here: http://bit.ly/lovefruitpodcast

86. Frank Huarcaya- Fruit Based Entrepreneur

In his own words, Frank says:

“Hi everyone its Frank. Ive been fruit based for 8 years. Elimated my acne, and gained a sense of purpose through eating primarily fruit.

Currently I am practicing other aspects that also make up our overall health. Such as discilpline, positive routines, wealth attraction, etc.

I post regularly on IG @Fruitful.Vida”

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All episodes can be watched on Youtube here: http://bit.ly/watchlovefruit

All episodes can be listened to here: http://bit.ly/lovefruitpodcast

Private Raw Vegan Chef To Billionaires

Did you know that more and more wealthy and corporations are looking to hire vegan, plant based and raw food chefs?

If you would like to learn more about this, check out the interview that I have just published with Olivia Hertzog.

Olivia posts amazing images of her food on her instagram page @oliviahertzog and through this was offered the chance to be the live in chef for a successful entrepreneur.

Here is a little about Olivia in her own words:

“I’ve been living a raw vegan lifestyle for over 5+ years. My journey has taken me all over the world–from a raw vegan community in Hawaii to an ecovillage in the Amazon rainforest.

My commitment to experiencing the highest levels of health possible has wildly transformed my life. And now it’s my mission to help others realize their fullest potential through a healthy diet and lifestyle. Elevate your health and you’ll transform your entire life!”

Watch the interview on our youtube channel here:

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80. Joe Alexander “Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda”

A number of years ago, closer to the start of my quest to wisdom on the raw vegan lifestyle, I picked up a book called “Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda”.

I must admit, I often go against the old axiom of never to judge a book by it’s cover.  Knowing nothing about this book and simply being grabbed by the comedic title I chose to give it a shot.

The book was a little different to other raw food books I had read, but was full of passion and intensity about the raw food lifestyle.  The author spoke about how the diet had changed his health and even made his art work come alive.

I remember taking the book to the Fresh Foods Festival in Denmark and as I read it many people were interested in the book.  I passed it on to an Israeli friend, Ran Antebi.  I asked him to pass it on when he finished it.  Perhaps it is still travelling around Israeli somewhere, touching the lives of all who open it’s pages.

I had never seen or heard of the the author, Joe Alexander, at any raw vegan event or gathering and certainly it appeared he has no presence online.  I found a profile on facebook but received no reply to my message.  I believe I even tried to phone him one time to no avail.

I gave up on contacting him for an interview until my friend Shari told me she was in touch with him and we arranged an interview.  This interview has been published today and you can watch and listen here:


You may find that his style of raw foodism is a little different that what you may come across in many of our interviews.  I don’t necessarily recommend his particular version of the diet, but I love to hear the various stories of raw food people and share those on the podcast.

I enjoyed the interview and hope you do too!

Stay fruity,

Ronnie Smith
UK Fruitfest

P.S For a limited time, get my book “The Raw Food Lifestyle 101” with 6 additional bonuses: http://bit.ly/ronnie101

75. Greg Xavier Raw Vegan Chef, TV Presenter and Wim Hof Instructor

Greg Xavier is a qualified Plant Based Nutritionist, Certified Raw Foods Chef, and founder of Plant Based Ireland. He has followed a Plant Based diet for 10 years and has taught nutrition & culinary skills in both Ireland & Bali, Indonesia. A Fruit Fest veteran, Greg first attended the UK Fruitfest in 2017 and has been to Woodstock and the inaugural Canada Fruit Festival. Along side his Plant Based Expertise, Greg is also one of only 500 qualified Wim Hof Method Instructors in the World, having trained directly with Wim Hof himself after meeting on a winter expedition in 2017 in Poland. In 2019 he was a Co-Presenter on the Irish Television Series ‘My Yellow Brick Road’, where he helped participants transform their lives through incorporating more whole foods, fruits and vegetables into their lives. Greg is Ireland’s top expert on Plant Based living Subscribe for updates: http://www.fruitfest.co.uk

74. Kelsey Card – Healing From Chronic Illness With Raw Foods

Kelsey, aka @rosieheals, healed a multitude of chronic-illness symptoms after adopting and sticking to a high-fruit raw vegan lifestyle the last several years.

Kelsey emphasizes the radical prioritization of rest, slowdom and soft self love, while providing a window into the ways others can self-heal through her general healing guidance, raw vegan lifestyle/transitional tips, intimate blogs, Eat Fruit, Live Slow video course, free recipes and more. Follow her at @rosieheals on Instagram.

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71. Raphael Resch – Founder Of Austria Fruit Festival

Raphael is an automotive engineer by profession and works full time for a major German car manufacturer. In his free time, he likes to be a creative and find new 80/10/10 raw vegan recipes, of which some are shared on https://letscookraw.com/, a platform for raw vegan chefs. His new passion is to experience the new found health and healing of people courageous enough to give 80/10/10 a proper try.

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70. Paul Nison – Raw Food Author And Chef, Host Of The Raw Life Health Show

At age 20, Paul Nison was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (also know as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis).

On changing to a raw food diet, his healthy improved quickly, despite the fact that doctors had told him his condition was incurable.

This led Paul to simplify his life and quit his job in the financial industry. He went on to write books and give lectures on healthful living and the raw food lifestyle around the world.

Paul was led to the Bible and to living according to the scriptures.

He runs the raw life health show with over 92,000 subscribers on youtube.

Paul’s books include The Raw Life. Find out more about Paul here:


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