The Best Raw Vegan Pizza Ever!

Once upon a time, I created a raw vegan pizza for a raw dinner party I was hosting.  I had tried to copy part of a recipe by my friend Chris Kendall but decided to throw in a few ideas of my idea.  Turned out that was a mistake!

My friend Matthew, who was at the dinner party, tried one bite of my pizza and literally ended up collapsing.  We never fully worked out what was wrong with the pizza but it taught me a lesson:

When It Comes to Raw Pizza, Follow The Advice Of The Master!

I have no doubt that the master of the Raw Pizza is Chris Kendall. Chris has been working exclusively on mastering the raw pizza for the last 2 years . But not any old, raw pizza…

….the healthiest and most delicious raw pizzas of all time!

This will change the way you look at what you can do on a raw vegan diet.

You will wow your friends with pizzas so delicious they won’t believe that they are raw and vegan.

You will use these recipes time and time again.

Ever tried to make a raw pizza?

It can be a little dissappointing.  There are 3 parts to get right and if anything goes wrong it just won’t work. Take it from me, listen to the master raw chef Chris Kendall.

He has just released the book today and for a short time there is a sale on to get the book at the very low price on 14.95 dollars (around £10). You can use PayPal to purchase easily.

I recently purchased the book myself and went through it with a friend.  We were both amazed by the quality of the book, and the innovation in the recipes.  It made us immediately want to try them all out.  It also made me think that if I had wanted to work all of these recipes myself it would have taken me years to work out how to do it.

You will love this book! Chris’s recipe are copied in kitchens all over the world because they are simple and they work. Even better they are healthy too!

Get the book today go directly to to get your copy.

This post is not sponsored by Chris and we are not making money from it. We want to support good raw vegan products and authors like Chris because they help further our aim of spreading knowledge and education about the raw vegan lifestyle to our audience and the world.