64. Shane Sterling Raw Vegan Rising Interview

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In this interview we talk to Shane Sterling from Raw Vegan Rising. Early on, Shane changed to a plant based diet which fit in line with his ethics.

He became an entrepreneur selling clothes from 2 different shops and gave it up to become a raw food health coach. His youtube channel is called Raw Vegan Rising and he inspires people there to change their diet and lifestyle to a raw vegan approach.

You can find him on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook as Raw Vegan Rising.

62. Raw Food Legend, Gardener and Juicing Expert John Kohler

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In this episode we speak to John Kohler.

John is a legend in the raw food movement with over 25 years experience of eating a raw vegan diet.

He set up some of the earliest popular raw food websites and has 2 incredibly popular youtube channels: Growing Your Greens and OK Raw.

In this interview you will hear about the extreme health challenge that led John to investigation how to boost his immune system. This eventually led him to the raw foods diet.

You will also hear about how John has his own unique ideas and opinions about this lifestyle. He also mentions the controversy surrounding his departure from the Woodstock Fruit Festival.