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61. Harriet Kjaer – Ultrarunner, Luthier and 10+ Year Raw Vegan

https://youtu.be/T10jKTgSmXI Welcome to another episode of the Love Fruit podcast. To keep up with future episodes join our mailing list here: In this episode we speak to Harriet Kjaer. Harriet is a professional luthier and has had workshops around Europe throughout her career. She has been on a raw vegan diet for around 10 years…

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Grant Campbell – Love Fruit Podcast Interview

Grant Campbell has played a big part in the Fruit Festival movement. He was an original pioneer of the Woodstock Fruit Festival, as well as being a featured speaker at the Canada Fruitfest, the Danish Fresh Food Festival and the Slovenian Fruits and Health Festival. He has spoken at the UK Fruitfest Festival every year…

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Raw Vegan Ultra Marathon Runner Harriet Kjaer Breaks Personal Best By 11 hours

Raw vegan superwoman and ultra marathon runner Harriet Kjaer has just broken her personal best in the Andorra Ultramarathon Race. Her time went from a personal best of 56 hours 18 minutes to 44 hours 30minutes Harriet says: “Same route, same weather, same diet. Better training, better mental state but most importantly 7 years raw and…

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