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The Woodstock Fruit Festival Leaves Camp Walden

I wrote this while leaving on the bus this year and thought I would shared it with you: Leaving the Woodstock Fruit Festival 2022 I leave a piece of me behind. I have not cried in a while but today I was sobbing when I left the camp. Rumours had circulated all week that the…

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Love Fruit Podcast: Interview with Guillermo Sepuvedal

Guillermo Sepuvedal Guillermo Sepúlveda, known as Manguimo, is a mexican fruit based vegan influencer who believes fruit is the balsam the humanity needs to heal. He is a vegan for the animals and raw vegan for health educator. Graduated Summa Cum Laude from UDEM in Humanistics and Social Studies. Master in Society and Nutrition from…

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This Video Made Me Go Raw Vegan

Around about September 2011, I had just come back from a trip to New York with my then girlfriend. I remember she asked “Would you ever go back to New York?” and I said “Probably not” A week later I was back home scrolling through facebook when a friend posted a film called Earthlings.  At…

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