Dr Areli Cuervas-Ocampo- Interview With The Raw Vegan Doctor

Today we are delighted to be joined by Dr Areli Cuervas Ocampo also known as the Raw Vegan Doctor.

Dr Areli lives in the UK but is originally from Mexico.  She has been following a 100% raw vegan diet for around 2 years now and has attended the UK Fruitfest and the Canada Fruitfest (where she gave presentations on her research)

As a neuropathologist she has a vast knowledge of the brain and the dysfunctions and issues relating to the brain.  She brings some scientific reality and perspective to the raw vegan movement.

You can follow her on Youtube and Instagram @rawvegandoctor

Dr Areli willl be presenting at the UK Fruitfest next year.  We are particularly looking forward to finding out how diet can affect the brain and potentially help to reverse or eliminate brain conditions of later life such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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