Express says “Keep this fruit out your diet to keep blood sugar levels normal”

An article has been released on here:

The article begins:

DIABETES type 2 symptoms include feeling thirsty all the time and losing weight without trying to. Keeping active is a good way of preventing the condition and keeping blood sugar levels normal, alongside a healthy diet. Some foods should be avoided however, including a certain type of fruit.


It goes on to say this:

“Unfortunately, its sugar content becomes more concentrated as well.

“One cup of grapes contains 27 grams of carbs, including 1 gram of fibre. By contrast, one cup of raisins contains 115 grams of carbs, 5 of which come from fibre.

“Therefore, raisins contain more than three times as many carbs as grapes do. Other types of dried fruit are similarly higher in carbs when compared to fresh fruit.”

What they fail to do is connect dried fruit as being a problem with diabetes.

Have you met anyone who became diabetic because of eating high quantities of dried fruit?

I thought not.

This is another mistaken article carrying on the incorrect idea that sugary fruits or dried fruit can lead to diabetes.

In reality, eating more fruit, even dried fruit is good for type 2 diabetics.

Why is this?

Because the problem with Type 2 Diabetes is a build up of fat in the muscle tissue and bloodstream.  This is preventing the body from properly digesting, assimilating and utilising the sugars in our diet.

This information has been known for a long time but in the mind of the public the idea is still set that sugar causes diabetes.

Unfortunately, a lack of nutrition training within the medical industry is allowing medical professionals to give all sorts of unsual information out seemingly with no scientific basis to what they saying.

For example:

My dentist told me that if you eat 7 bananas you can die of potassium poisoning.  This is completely incorrect.  Trust me, I’ve done the experiment on a daily basis for at least 5 years.

Also, recently, a lady gave me her juicer.  She told me that she didn’t realise you could get sick from drinking too much vegetable juice.

I asked her where she had heard that.

She said she had not been feeling well and went to her doctor.

The doctor told her that it was the juicing that was making her ill.


Are vegetables making people ill?  Last time I checked it was the opposite.

There is so much misinformation out there you have to stay vigilant.  Check the sources of information and feel free to ask your doctor or anyone else to verify exactly what evidence they have to back up their statement.

Take action whenever you see this happening.  Contact companies or press organisations making statements and ask them to show you the evidence.  Get in touch with your local political representative.

Let’s get this message out there for everyone to hear:


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Stay Fruity!

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