Indian Website Says Raw Food Diet Is A Growing Sensation Around The World

An Indian website, NDTV, has just released an article claiming that the raw food diet is a growing sensation around the world.  The article gives a lot of positive information about the raw diet and you can read more here:

Raw Food Diet Is A Growing Sensation All Over The World! Here’s Everything You Should Know About It


Here are some of the main points it makes:

Here are six health benefits of consuming a raw food diet:

1. Increase fruit and vegetable consumption: The raw food diet basically consists of vitamin-rich, fresh and sweet fruits and dark green leafy vegetables. Fruits have few calories and keep energized and satisfied throughout the day. The fiber in fruits aids in slow and healthy digestion. Vegetables provide all the essential minerals. Green and leafy vegetables like spinach and kale are rich in protein which is beneficial for muscle strength. Vegetables and fruits can be blended or juiced, added to smoothies and can be consumed in salads as well.

2. Weight loss: The raw diet is believed to be low in fat which helps you in losing weightquickly. It primarily consists of carbohydrates and protein. The fats that are consumed in a raw food diet are unsaturated fats which basically come from nuts, seeds and avocados. Unsaturated fats are much healthier than the saturated fats and do not lead to weight gain.

3. Maintaining a healthy heart: The raw food is a heart-friendly diet as it keeps a check on the cholesterol levels due to its low sodium content. With low added salt, the raw food diet reduces the risk of heart diseases. It allows the heart to pump more efficiently and increase the efficiency of blood flow, thus maintaining a healthy heart.

4. Balanced diet: The raw food diet consists of enough carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals and fats which together constitute a balanced diet. Raw food makes the body feel light, active and alert all day long.

5. Gluten-free: A low-gluten or gluten-free diet is recommended if you are health-conscious. Gluten, which is found mainly in grains, is not easily digested. Grains require cooking in order to be digested; hence they are completely eliminated from the diet.

6. No starving: The best part of eating a raw diet is that it is low in calories. As long as you are eating raw and plant-based foods, you can have as much as you want without the worry of gaining weight. On a raw diet, you can fill your stomach as much with the wonderful fruits and vegetables as your heart desires.

It is rare to see an article that is overwhelmingly positive about a raw food diet.  Feel free to share and leave your comments below.

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