Mastering The Raw Vegan Lifestyle Course + Programme




Mastering The Raw Vegan Lifestyle is a brand new programme created and ran by UK Fruitfest founder and Raw Transformation Coach, Ronnie Smith.

This 12 week programme is designed to help reset your mindset, create new beliefs and build new habits that will ensure that you aspire to the highest levels of energy, vitality and health for life with a raw vegan diet that is simple, enjoyable and fun.

It’s time to let go of the cooked food cravings for good.  It’s time to walk  forward to a new reality.  Be part of a group that works together to stay accountable and raise each other to the highest levels of health, love and vitality.

This programme is for you if:

  • you have been learning about the raw vegan diet for some time, but you still feel something is missing and want to commit to truly master the lifestyle
  • you want to embrace the highest levels of health in your life
  • you want to reverse aging, embrace the abundant energy that is your potential and open up to new levels of creativity and clarity in your thinking
  • you want to break down the  barriers that hold you back from embracing your highest levels of energy and health
  • you want to fully reverse symptoms and signs of disease such as high blood pressure and high blood sugar
  • you want to effortless trim down to your perfect weight with out starvation and restriction and maintain that weight for life while eating abundantly
  • you are still confused, worried and concerned about the raw vegan lifestyle and want complete assurance that this is right for you
  • you have been trying again and again to implement this lifestyle but you have never felt like you truly thrived


How does it work?

The programme runs for 12 weeks, which is the perfect amount of time to create new lifelong habits that will last for good.  The programme consists of a 12 week course consisting of 12 brand new, never been seen before classes created by Ronnie exclusively for this programme and taught live with time for Q and A

The programme also includes a weekly group coaching call with Ronnie and rest of the group.  In this call, you will be part of a unique group coaching experience and get the power of accountability and motivation from the group.  There will also be a group chat set up with Whatsapp or another appropriate platform to stay engaged, ask questions and inspire each other.

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