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When Is The Best Time To Eat On A Raw Vegan Diet?

  Have you seen all of the hullabaloo about when is the best time to eat? Or how restricted your eating “window” should be? Perhaps you should not eat in the morning, or not eat at night, or only eat when the sun is up? There is a lot of confusion out there about when…

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Mango Wodzak Interview For Love Fruit Podcast

Mango Wodzak appeared in a documentary called “Pure Fruit”. This documentary followed his journey from moving from Sydney to a more tropical climate in Northern Australia with his girlfriend Kveta. In the film he shares his philosophy on Fruitarianism and he shares his journey trying to find other like minded fruitarians. He bumps into infamous…

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Fruitarian Anne Osborne Featured In UK’s Biggest Newspaper “The Sun”

Fruitarian Anne Osborne Featured In UK’s Biggest Newspaper “The Sun”   The article, titled:  Mum who has only eaten FRUIT for the last 27 years claims she never gets hungry – and even brought her children up on the same raw diet Can be read in full here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/food/7569677/mum-only-eaten-fruit-27-years-children-same-diet/ Recently, a journalist approached us to ask…

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What’s Wrong With The Wikipedia Page on “Fruitarianism”

What’s Wrong With The Wikipedia Page on “Fruitarianism” by Ronnie Smith   Many people who are researching Fruitarianism or Raw Veganism for the first time may end up reading Wikipedia.  Wikipedia is an online dictionary which is made up by contributions mostly from volunteers.  I am not sure exactly how this is policed, but obviously…

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Anne Osborne on The Importance Of Foraging

This clip comes from a talk given by Anne Osborne on foraging.  Anne has been a fruitarian for over 25 years and started off on this lifestyle living in the UK. She has now moved to Australia and has raised two children on a fruit diet.  She works for the Woodstock Fruit Festival helping with…

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