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Dr Gabriel Cousens – Love Fruit Podcast Interview

Gabriel Kenneth Cousens is an American physician M.D., homeopath, and spiritu al writer who practices holistic medicine. He is the founder of the “Essene Order of Light”, a spiritual organization based upon teachings from the Jewish Kabbalah, the Torah, and modern interpretations of the Essenes. He is the founder of the “Tree of Life” centre…

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How To Spot The Raw Food Snake Oil Salesman

How To Spot The Raw Food Snake Oil Salesman   Have you ever heard of the term “Snake Oil Salesmen”? It is a term that is broadly used to describe a con man selling a scam product.  But the term has a real origin. This concept originated in the US many years ago.  It is said that Chinese…

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Mango Wodzak Interview For Love Fruit Podcast

Mango Wodzak appeared in a documentary called “Pure Fruit”. This documentary followed his journey from moving from Sydney to a more tropical climate in Northern Australia with his girlfriend Kveta. In the film he shares his philosophy on Fruitarianism and he shares his journey trying to find other like minded fruitarians. He bumps into infamous…

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How To Put On A Fruit Festival – Interview with John Kohler and Ronnie Smith

  This video includes an interview with UK Fruitfest founder, Ronnie Smith, about the process of putting on a Fruit Festival.  If you are interested in putting on such an event this video should be very helpful. The interview with Ronnie starts at 21:10.  Already, this video has led to someone getting in touch with…

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Is Breatharianism A Myth?

Is Breatharianism A Myth? At last year’s UK Fruitfest the organiser of the event, Ronnie Smith, gave a talk on the myths that can sometimes still be found in the raw vegan community. One myth that comes up, again and again, is the concept of Breatharianism. Quite simply, this is the idea that a person…

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