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Ted Carr On The Power Of The Mind

Have you ever tried to make changes to your diet but it seems like some part of you is not co-operating? In this video Ted Carr is talking about how to understand how your mind and emotions work together. Once we understand that we can then use the power of the mind to make our…

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The Subconscious Mind And The Conscious Mind – Ted Carr

Understanding your mind and how to use it will help you make changes in your life. Visualising the result you want, feeling it, believing it is coming will help bring you into alignment with your goals. Ted Carr will be back at Fruitfest this year to teach more on these subjects and more. Please share…

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Why Is Everyone Talking About The UK Fruitfest?

Please watch our brand new film now: This film is a compilation of different clips we have taken over the years.  It includes footage of the activities from the festival and interviews with our speakers and our attendees. In it you will see featured: Kevin Cosmo, HighEnergyParenting.com Megan Elizabeth, EasyToBeRaw Alyse Brautigam, Raw Alignment Dr…

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