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What Do People Say About UK Fruitfest?

Learn More By Watching The Video Below….   Here are some things our previous attendees have said   “it’s been brilliant, I’ve loved every minute of it really; the talks, the food, the people it’s just been fantastic” – Steve Douglas, England “it was wonderful, this was my first time in England. I’ve been to other festivals…

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Spoil Your Appetite With Fruit – Video With Dr Doug Graham

Have you ever wondered why desert has to be served after a big meal? Why is our desire for food not completely satisfied by our meal? Dr Doug Graham speaks about this concept in this video. Generally, people do not eat enough volume or enough simple carbohydrate to truly spoil their appetite…leaving them snacking all…

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Fruitarian Anne Osborne Featured In UK’s Biggest Newspaper “The Sun”

Fruitarian Anne Osborne Featured In UK’s Biggest Newspaper “The Sun”   The article, titled:  Mum who has only eaten FRUIT for the last 27 years claims she never gets hungry – and even brought her children up on the same raw diet Can be read in full here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/food/7569677/mum-only-eaten-fruit-27-years-children-same-diet/ Recently, a journalist approached us to ask…

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What’s Wrong With The Wikipedia Page on “Fruitarianism”

What’s Wrong With The Wikipedia Page on “Fruitarianism” by Ronnie Smith   Many people who are researching Fruitarianism or Raw Veganism for the first time may end up reading Wikipedia.  Wikipedia is an online dictionary which is made up by contributions mostly from volunteers.  I am not sure exactly how this is policed, but obviously…

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Fruit: The Most Misunderstood Food

Fruit: The Most Misunderstood Food by Dr Doug Graham From the earliest of written history, fruit has played a key role in human health. It was the main food consumed in the proverbial Garden of Eden for an untold number of years. During the Golden Age of Man some 2500 years ago, fruit was the…

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Have The Best Day Of Your Life At UK Fruitfest

In this video, one of our previous attendees, Michelle, shares her experience of the UK Fruitfest. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=T7NPpMI_E0U      

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