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Jesse Bogdanovich’s Amazing Raw Food Healing Journey

Jesse Bogdanovich came to UK Fruitfest in 2016. He shared with us his story of healing on a raw food diet. He made a truly amazing recovery and we are so glad he was at the festival to share his story with us. The raw vegan diet has the power to change your life. Some…

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The Subconscious Mind And The Conscious Mind – Ted Carr

Understanding your mind and how to use it will help you make changes in your life. Visualising the result you want, feeling it, believing it is coming will help bring you into alignment with your goals. Ted Carr will be back at Fruitfest this year to teach more on these subjects and more. Please share…

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Pawpaw Hunting With Mike Vlasaty At Ohio Pawpaw Festival

This is a video of UK Fruitfest founder, Ronnie Smith, heading on an adventure to find Pawpaw with the world’s strongerst Fruitarian Mike Vlasaty. The search begins in Chicago before heading to the Ohio Pawpaw Festival in Albany, Ohio. Watch the video to learn more. The Fruit Picker used by Mike can be viewed on…

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The Beginners Guide To A Raw Vegan Diet

If you are just at the start of your journey to a raw vegan diet it is very likely you will make many of the common mistakes that beginners make. You almost can’t avoid making these mistakes. A raw vegan diet will be such a big change for you that it will take some time…

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