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Why Was Venus Williams Raw Vegan Diet Unsustainable?

You may have recently come across this article on Insider.com https://www.insider.com/venus-williams-raw-vegan-diet-what-she-eats-now-2019-10 The article states that Venus Williams, a former Tennis Grand Slam champion, no longer follows her strict raw vegan diet. Venus said: “That way of eating was just hard to maintain for long periods of time,” Williams told Insider. “Sometimes you just need something…

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Love Fruit Podcast Episode 9 – Interview with Ellen Livingston

“Then in 2002, I learned of a natural, uncooked diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. After nearly 20 years of nutrition study, and as many years of suffering, the first book I read about a raw diet gave me the biggest “aha” moments of my life . . . I knew I had found some…

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Does A Raw Vegan Diet Cure Cancer?

Does A Raw Vegan Diet Cure Cancer?   Many people enthusiastically spread around the idea that a raw vegan diet and fasting can cure anything. Can we really say this? Can we be so confident to pass these ideas on to others? We should be very cautious when we are providing people with any advice…

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Imagine If Health Was Your Habit

Imagine If Health Was Your Habit   It’s your choice…. Your outcome in life comes from your daily actions over a lifetime. These daily actions are determined by your habits. Your habits are yours to change or break. But it may require a lot of hard work. If you put that hard work in now,…

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Tesco to scrap ‘best before’ dates from fruit and vegetable lines

In the Guardian today it has been reported that Tesco is going to scrap best before dates from fruits and vegetable lines.  This is being put in plance in an effort to reduce food waste. Have you ever looked at the best before date on a fruit and thought “No chance….this is rock hard, it’s…

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