Does A Raw Vegan Diet Cure Cancer?

Does A Raw Vegan Diet Cure Cancer?


Many people enthusiastically spread around the idea that a raw vegan diet and fasting can cure anything.

Can we really say this?

Can we be so confident to pass these ideas on to others?

We should be very cautious when we are providing people with any advice about their diet and health.  In some situations fasting and a raw vegan diet will not be the only answer.

To give people false hope is a sad thing.  Some people are so ill that they are beyond the point of recovery and all that can be done is to provide comfort for that person.  A raw vegan diet should help with that but does not guarantee recovery.

Please be cautious with your recommendations.  It scares me how many people I have met that think they can cure cancer with dandelion juice, cannabis oil, dry fasting and so many other things.  They really have no idea.

We can safely say that a diet high in fruits and vegetables can help to reduce your risk of getting cancer.  But once someone has cancer we have no certainty of knowing that it will help reverse it.

In this video, I discuss more about this:

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