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Love Fruit Podcast Interview: Lindsay Gasik The “Durian Writer”

Have you ever wanted to know more about Durian? Or how about, where to go to get rare, exotic fruits? Many people think it is as easy as taking a  plane to Thailand and checking out the local markets.  But in reality, they are missing out on finding the real thing. Lindsay Gasik developed a…

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7 Top Hotspots For Durian Lovers by Lindsay Gasik (YearOfTheDurian.com)

@Durianwriter’s 7 Top Hotspots For Durian Lovers written by Lindsay Gasik In 2012 I went durian hunting. I had recently learned that it was possible to eat durian all year long in Southeast Asia if you were willing to jump countries every month or so to stay in the durian season.  I mapped out the…

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