7 Reasons Why You MUST Go To A Fruit Festival!

7 Reasons Why You MUST Go To A Fruit Festival!

If you are looking at videos online, reading blogs, looking at discussions on Facebook and considering going to a Fruit Festival then this could be the most important thing you have read all year!

Hi, my name is Ronnie Smith and I am a bit of a veteran of fruit festivals.  In 2012, I made the big decision to go to my very first fruit festival.  It was the Woodstock Fruit Festival in New York.  That event changed my life and set me on a very different path of life.  I realised quickly that I was at my happiest and healthiest while I was at these events and decided to travel to more.

Over the years I have been to Woodstock 6 times, the Danish Fresh Food Festival 5 times, the UK Fruitfest 4 times, Fruit Winter in thailand once, the Slovenia Fruits and Health festival once and the Spanish Puraw Festival once.  So I have been around a lot of these events and I have enjoyed every one.

I love the community, and I get excited and inspired by the stories of the people that have come to this lifestyle.  Stories of growth and healthing and inner transformation.  On top of that, some of the most interesting and authentic people you could ever meet turn up at these events.

It’s hard to put into words what exactly is so great about these festival but I have done my best to narrow it down to 7 things that I enjoy most about fruit festivals.

1. The Fruit


People have often said to me that they have eaten the best fruit they ever had at a fruit festival.  People that are just starting out as fruit eaters don’t quite know where to buy or pick better fruit.  Fruit festivals offer people an opportunity to try fruits that may not normally be available in the supermarket.

At the same time, they can get help or advice on what is a good piece of fruit or not.  Many people dislike fruits like Durian because they have never had a good one so it is helpful to be around others that can help you try a good one.  Fruit festivals can sometimes source fruits from special suppliers that provide delicious varieties not normally available in usual supermarkets.

At a festival, people have the chance to try as many varieties as they like and enjoy as much as they like without being held back with worries of how much it will cost, as they have already covered that with their ticket!

A fruit festival is a time to indulge for fruit lovers!

Durian frenzy in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Another Durian frenzy, the Highline Park, NYC




Durian frenzy in Denmark at the Danish Fresh Food Festival
Roy Rozman from the USA, enjoying the food at the UK Fruitfest

2. The Education

Most fruit festivals offer an incredible opportunity to learn.  Although you may think all of the education offered is going to be exclusively about a raw vegan diet, in reality, the education on offer is much broader than that.  Almost every topic in the field of health and wellness is covered and many more besides.

Not only will you learn vital information to help you to achieve success on a raw vegan diet you will learn things that will bring you success on all levels.  From classes on meditation, yoga, fasting, fitness, creativity, self love, healthier relationships, positive thinking, creating an online business, travel and fitness of all kinds almost anyway can take home something new from the fruit festivals.  At the same time if you want to learn how to create great raw food, you have an opportunity to learn from some of the best chefs in the raw vegan movement how to make their secret dishes.

There is a wealth of education available at raw vegan festivals that you can’t quite find anywhere else.

Dr Doug Graham, teaching in Denmark
Ted Carr teaching in Denmark.
Chris Kendall teaching at the UK Fruitfest

3. The Fun

Fruit festivals are FUN!  In normal society, the idea of what amounts ot having fun are often related to things that ultimately damage your health.  Staying up late and missing sleep while drinking alcohol, smoking or taking recreational drugs.  People also have fun going out and buying things that don’t really add much value to their life in the long term.

The people who tend to be coming to fruit festivals are generally looking for different forms of fun.  Dance parties and ecstatic dances are a big part of the fun of the festivals but uniquely there is no drugs or alcohol involved. Despite this, the dancing is just as intense and just as wild as any scene you will see in a club.  A fruit festival is a place for you to let go and be yourself!

There are games to play, sports to participate in and sometimes even a chance to meet your new partner at a speed dating event.  Every day at a fruit festival can be so much fun.  It will go beyond your expectations!

On stage with Apryl Electra at the Woodstock Fruit Festival.
Bad dancing at the Spanish Raw Fruit Festival



The Haines Brothers jamming with Paul Izak at the Woodstock Fruit Festival
Around the campfire at the Danish Fresh Food Festival

4. The Fitness

If you are someone that likes fitness activities, a fruit festival is the place for you.  I have lost count of the amount of ultra marathon runners, triathletes, elite cyclists and former professional athletes that I have met at fruit festivals.  If you want to train with the ultra fit you should come to a fruit festival.  Not only are there many ultra fit people there, but they are also taking care of their bodies with the best diet possible.  These are not your usual Type A competitive athletes; these are people that are on a mission to allow their athletic achievements to help promote a better lifetsyle for the planet.

For those that are not at the elite level, there is no better collection of people to be inspired by than the athletes you will meet at the fruit festival.  The teaching is also at a high level as many of the people helping to run the classes have decades of experience in coaching people to their athletic best.  You will meet many people who only became an athlete after embracing this lifestyle to the fullest.  The change to a raw vegan diet gave them a new lease on life and a new energy that changed their life and put them on a journey to fitness.

Me running 22 miles without prior training at the Woodstock Fruit Festival.

US Olympic pentathlete hopeful Justin Torrellas and former professional Triathlete Philippe Kozub with me in the middle.
Me with good friend Tim Van Orden, US Masters Running Champion
Me with Michael Arnstein, founder of the Woostock Fruit Festival and multiple times Ultramarathon Race champion.

5. The Inspiration

You will be inspired at a fruit festival by the stories you hear.  You will meet people who have been on incredible journeys of transformation.  From those who have lost hundreds of pounds in weight to those that were on death’s door, sent home to die by the hospitals, and managed to regain their health.

I have met stories of people healing from diseases as diverse as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, kidney disease, anorexia and so many more.  Not only are these stories inspirational to me personally, but they will inspire you to tell more people about this lifestyle.  You will know that it can help so many people to live better lives.

6. The Connections

Of course, the biggest highlight for most attendees is the other attendees.  The other people that you meet make these events truly priceless.  The friendships you make, the conversations that you have the deep connections you share can be some of the most profound experiences of your life.  At fruit festivals, people are open to meeting new people as they have often travelled alone.  They have had maybe had a sense for a long time that they are unhappy with the type of people they meet most of the time in every day life and as they have progressed on their journey to better health they have perhaps realised that they have a new yearning to meet people more like them.

The most amazing thing about the fruit festivals is meeting people who have been on the exact journey as you but in different parts of the world.  They have had the same worries, the same anxieties, the same confusion and been through the same experiences of having their friends and family think that they are crazy.



7. The Community

The feeling of community at a fruit festival is amazing.  I believe that in our modern world we are starved of the feeling of community.  To be around people who are on the same path as you who are looking to help create a better world is a powerful experience.  To look around and see hundreds of other people eating fruit and enjoying themselves in the sunshine reaffirms your belief in this lifestyle leading us towards a better world.  The collective energy of the the community at these fruit festivals is vibrant and energising.  You have to be there to feel it!

UK Fruitfest 2014
UK Fruitfest 2017 (171 Attendees)
A packed hall at the Woodstock Fruit Festival

Fruit festivals Around The World

As well as the UK Fruitfest, check out these other Fruit Festivals happening this summer:

The Fresh Food Festival, Denmark:

The longest running Fruit festival in the world.  Takes place in a wonderful venue, close to Copenhagen.  Fantastic food, great speakers and a great family of regular attendees.


The Great Canadian Fruit Festival

In it’s first year, the Canada Fruitfest has already attracted a large audience of attendees in the first year.  The event takes plaec at Komasket Part, near Kelowna, British Columbia:


The Woodstock Fruit Festival

The biggest fruit festival in the world. Started in 2011, Woodstock now has it’s home in upstate New York at Camp Walden  It It has the most activities and largest fruit selection of any fruit festival:


The Raw Fruit Festival, Spain

Hosted in the mountains of beautiful Andalucia, this festival is a little bit different.  With less focus on speakers and classes this event focuses more on the locally source organic fruit that it


I hope to see you at one this summer!

Register today for the UK Fruitfest.  Get a 15% discount with the code “MANGO”



7 Reasons Why You MUST Go To A Fruit Festival! If you are looking at videos online, reading blogs, looking at discussions on Facebook and considering going to a Fruit Festival then this could be the most important thing you have read all year! Hi, my name is Ronnie Smith and I am a bit…

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