All The Fruit At The UK Fruitfest!

Can you imagine having this abundance of fruit and an abundance of friends to share it with for 5 days?

You can have all of that and more, including lectures and activities at this years UK Fruitfest.  The event happens next

week and today is the last day to register your place.  Please act immediately before our registration portal is closed for this year.

You can enjoy world-class lectures and activities with the likes of:

  • Dr Doug Graham
  • Kristina Carrillo- Bucaram (fullyrawKristina)
  • Professor Rosalind Graham
  • Anne Osborne
  • Grant Campbell
  • Ted Carr
  • Melissa Raimondi
  • Harriet Kjaer


Why not register right now?  This is the last opportunity to try to grab your space at this event before it closes.  Click the image below to be taken to the registration page for more information.

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