Chris Kendall Reveals All – Love Fruit Podcast Interview

Chris Kendall took some time out of his busy schedule to sit down with Ronnie from UK Fruitfest and record this interview.

Chris is a well known author, raw food chef and raw food coach who has been a part of many of the biggest and best raw vegan events in the world.

You can watch the full interview below.

In this interview he talks about his 15+ year journey on a raw vegan diet and how his approach has changed over the years.

He also talks about the magic of retreats and a little about his own retreat in Costa Rica.

A Message From the Drs Dina

We have some great news to share with you! We have been invited back to speak at the UK Fruitfest this coming summer of 2020. This event will be held from the 26th of July to the 2nd of August 2020 near Tewkesbury, England.

We had the honor of speaking at the UK Fruitfest last summer and had a wonderful time connecting with old friends, meeting new ones, enjoying the great food, and spending a week with a group of like-minded people interested in a whole food plant-based raw lifestyle!

We loved our experience at this event so much that we are making the trip again this summer. In fact, of all the raw vegan events we have attended and presented at over the decades, the UK Fruitfest is one of our favorites!!

We are SO EXCITED and are looking forward to having another great experience there this coming summer.

The UK Fruitfest, now in its 7th year, has become an annual gathering of a health-focused, heart centered tribe of unique individuals who are all on the same path of building better health and a better life for themselves.

The mastermind of this event, Ronnie Smith, also wanted us to share with you that for a limited time, you can enter a prize drawing with a chance of winning a free ticket for the UK Fruitfest 2020!

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Just like last summer, we (Drs. Rick and Karin Dina, D.C.) will be presenting solid science and research-based information on nutrition to help you gain a greater understanding of raw food and plant-based dietary approaches. We will also clarify a number of dietary misconceptions that can help you feel more grounded in your food choices.

There will also be yoga classes, recipe demos, inspirational stories, fun activities, and a great abundance of delicious raw fruits and vegetables to eat and enjoy!

If you have been looking for an event like this, now is a great time to take action.

For a limited time, you have a chance to potentially win a free ticket to this year’s festival by joining the UK Fruitfest prize drawing:

To find out if this is event right for you, you can visit the UK Fruitfest registration page to learn more and join their announcement/email list.

If you want to take the next step and register before the UK Fruitfest is sold out, you can book a call with Ronnie to have your questions about the festival answered and find out if there is an option that best suits you.

Healthfully yours,

Drs. Rick and Karin Dina, D.C.

The Man Who Eats the Most Fruit in the World

Years ago I heard about a man who, it was claimed, had eaten more fruit than anyone else on the planet.

That man is Dr Douglas Graham, who is well known as the author of “The 80/10/10 Diet” book. The programme that he promotes is a low fat raw vegan diet based on fruit and a lifestyle of high energy, exercises and other healthful habits.

It is hard to exactly quantify the influence that this book had but essentially it lead to a sea change in the raw food movement. For many years, there were a number of different raw diets promoted and a number of incorrect ideas promoted as part of the raw food idea. One idea was that “as long as it is raw, then it is healthy”…but this is not really the case.

Dr Graham was always a bit of a rebel at raw food events as he was telling people that they didn’t have to focus on superfoods and supplements (big business at the time for many raw food promoters) and that they should instead focus on eating enough fruit to satisfy their carbohydrate needs, and limit their intake of fats (that were common in many raw gourmet dishes).

Unlike many other raw gurus, Dr Graham did not propose the 80/10/10 Lifestyle as way to simply cleanse, detoxify or heal in the short term from disease. He proposed it as a lifestyle that could be enjoyed LONG TERM and could be used to support athletic activities and other high performance pursuits. As a former professional athlete (a gymnast and trampolinist) this was important to him.

He became and adviser to many top athletes including Martina Navratilova, the tennis champion and is currently still busy working alongside Michael Porter Jr, from the Denver Nuggets basketball team in the NBA.

Dr Graham has given over 10,000 presentations around the world about health and the raw vegan lifestyle and we are lucky to be inviting him back once again to the UK Fruitfest, for the 7th time. He will be providing morning fitness classes, demonstrating some of his favourite recipes and lecturing on the subject of the raw vegan diet, health and performance.

Dr Graham joined me recently for an interview. The interview lasted over 2 hours and we were able to go into great detail into health and the some of his history in the raw vegan movement and also into one of his specialist topics, fasting. He will be supervising a small number of people in fasting very soon and provides some information about that.

The interview has been put up on our LOVE FRUIT podcast. This is available on Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcast and Itunes and is also up on Youtube.

Here are the links:

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To encourage us to record more podcasts, please consider sharing it with others or giving it a good rating if you enjoy it. It is a long one, but I hope you can enjoy it in the gym, on a long walk or drive or even at work.

Stay Fruity,

Ronnie Smith

UK Fruitfest

How Does A Raw Vegan Celebrate Christmas?

On your journey to a healthier lifestyle, you have no doubt experienced Christmas as being a difficult time for sticking to healthy habits.  This is a time of year where feasting and indulgence are almost mandatory!

Christmas dinner is often the biggest meal of the year and many people end up eating so much that they fall asleep for hours after it as their digestive system struggles to deal with the overload.

It is also a time of giving, and once again treats and sweets are a big part of that giving.  It is hard to say no especially when we have been given a present.

How do raw vegans celebrate Christmas if they do at all?

You may be thinking that eating raw brussel sprouts and parnships must be no fun at all.  Not to worry, raw vegans can get very creative when they want to….

It is easy to replicate many different festive flavours and treats with raw vegan recipes.  After all, most of the flavours and smells you associate with Christmas will come from the fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices that accompany these meal.

It may be a time to make a special meal that you rarely make.  You may have even been gifted some new tool or machine you have never tried before that you can use to make delicious treats.

However, rather than treating it as a time to indulge, it may just be a time to stick to exactly what you have always eaten.  If this is your first time eating raw vegan with all your family it may be a bit of a strange experience.  Many questions will come your way and it could be a bit embarrassing to be the focus of that kind of attention.

Here’s what I would suggest to you:

When people ask questions and perhaps offer you opinions about why what you are doing is not healthy or not good for you long time, simply thank them for their concern and interest and let them know that you are trying something out for a while because you want to see if it will make you feel better.

Don’t use these questions as an invitation to educate people on their ignorance.  This is not what they are actually asking for, they are finding a way to show concern and interest but few are actually ready to hear more.  Let them know that if they wish to have a full conversation about it, perhaps having a chat after Christmas will be a good idea.  You will find almost no one will actually get back in touch with you about it.

For raw vegans focused on health….

It can be hard to see friends and family eat poor quality food like dead turkey and other flesh which we know is a direct cause of many health issues.  However, we also know that people will not really appreciate you using this as a time to make people feel uncomfortabe and embarrassed about those choices.  Perhaps you can invite them to your own place to show them how delicious a healthier meal can be?

For vegans

It can be a hard time to see relatives continuing to contribute to the exploitation of animals.  However, there are more and more vegan options available and perhaps you can take some along for them to try? 

At the end of the day family and friendship are very important.  If you fall out with people at this time of year over their diet then you potentially lose the chance to ever have an opportunity to help convince them to make that change.

What I have found over the years is that if someone was ready to hear more about this they will come to you.  But really, you often can not be a prophet in your own town.  It is likely they will go to other sources before coming to you.

This is not a time of year to use the excuse of Christmas to fall off of your healthy lifestyle.  Your work may take time off at this time of year but your body never takes a break.  We should consider that when making choices for our health.

Have a great Christmas and a happy new year!

If you are looking to gift yourself the gift of a ticket to UK Fruitfest then head over to our registration page to get started.  Prices will be rising next month but if you book before the 31st of Dec you can still get our lower pre launch price.  Learn more here:

Have a great Christmas and never forget to STAY FRUITY!

Ronnie Smith

UK Fruitfest

Augusto Valerio: An Interview With Italy’s Top Raw Vegan Lifestyle Expert

Augusto attended the Fruitfest for the first time last year. He travelled all the way from Rome, Italy with his partner Giuseppina.

Augusto is the only direct student of Dr Doug Graham in Italy and he is trying to share the message of a fruit based raw vegan diet to people there. Of course, this can be difficult in a country in which pasta is in his words is “a religion”.

Augusto works as a personal trainer helping people with their fitness goals and also helps people to transition to a vegan or raw vegan diet.

Recently, Ronnie from Fruitfest went to Rome and interviewed Augusto for the “Love Fruit” Podcast (available on our Youtube channel, and just about to be released on Spotify, Itunes and Stitcher).

We asked him about the raw vegan scene in Italy. He told us that he had been to a recent natural hygiene conference in Italy. Most of the teachers promote raw food but they do not have a consistent approach to succeeding on a 100% raw vegan diet. This led Augusto to continuing his search to finding out how to succeed on a truly raw diet.

Asked about his transitioned to raw, Augusto said:

it took a while, I transitioned from vegetarian to vegan, to raw food, back to cooked food but always vegan. I would say the whole period was 10 years. It is my opinion that the most addictive food is the food that creates in your body the strongest emotion. It may be connected to family or friends. For example, I liked certain foods my mother prepared for me. This is the real addiction, not always the food itself, but the emotion attached to the food.”

When asked about the benefits of going raw, Augusto said:

Yes, mental clarity. Energy, I can wake up without coffee and without stimulants. I sleep better, I don’t have digestive problems. Everything is better. It’s like putting the right fuel in your car, so the car just works”

When asked about the UK Fruitfest he said:

Incredible, maybe the best experience in my life around this lifestyle. And also for emotional reasons because I connected with incredible people. So really, it was a wonderful experience, I recommend this to anyone. Even if you are not interested in the raw food diet, try the UK Fruitfest, you will not be disappointed”

Learn more about Augusto in our interview on the Love Fruit podcast or his website:

A Tribute To Dr Robert Lockhart

Here is a copy of some thoughts I shared when I heard the news about my friend Dr Robert Lockhart’s recent passing.

Robert was well known and loved in the raw vegan movement and had spoken many times at the Woodstock Fruit Festival.  News of his death was a shock to all who new him.

RIP Dr Robert Lockhart

It has been confirmed by his family that he passed away recently and that a memorial service will be held on the 8th of December near his home in Australia.

My first memory of Robert was when he started a conversation with me at the Woodstock Fruit Festival. He had heard my accent and told me that he was originally from Scotland also.

He would say “What did I do in a past life to deserve to be born in a cold place like Scotland!”

A few mornings later, I went to the basketball court on my own and Robert was already up in the middle of his work out. This included pull ups and handstand walking.

I remember thinking “I want to be like this when I am 70”

I spent a little time with him and felt fortunate to be able to get the chance to ask him some questions. His example had a powerful effect on me. He was totally committed to his raw diet and he inspired me to have that same level of commitment to my health.

His stories were legendary. Robert was one of the first people to export Durian from Australia to China and grew many rare tropical fruits on his farm. He told us that he lived on Durian alone for months at a time. However his wife hated Durian so he had to leave the house to eat it.
One day she said “It’s either ME or the Durian!”.

I learned about his past, that he had moved to New Zealand first at an early age and moved to the US to study Chiropractic. He had worked with the man that invented the Moon Boots (an item he also brought along to Woodstock to let people hang upside down) and had met some of the “nature boys” like Gypsy Boots.

He had a total commitment to the raw diet and the body’s ability to heal from anything. Also, I believe in his later years he was looking more into practices that he believed would help extend life such as caloric restriction, intermittent fasting and dry fasting.

Robert was a pioneer. He did things other people were not prepared to do to get results that few people experienced. He experimented on himself and did not expect anyone else to do what he was doing.

He was used to pushing himself to the limits and it seems that particularly with his experiments with dry fasting that he may have pushed a little too far.

You won’t be forgotten Robert, there was truly no one like you. A real one of a kind.


His family, shared some more detail about the time leading up to his death, including some detail from the doctors that looked after him in the last days.  I will share this below, in italics,  unedited:

We’re so sorry to announce the passing of our dear father & husband Robert Lockhart who transitioned yesterday the 29th of November at 6:06pm at age 75. We can understand the disbelief of many who knew him, as he was so full of life. His daughters Tulani Lockhart, Meah Robertson and his wife Ree Anna cared for him for the weeks leading up to his death. We’ve had many messages from his friends, loved ones and the community sharing their love and support, thank you so much to everyone for their kindness.

Rob was a great man who loved to help and mentor others. His long standing career over 45 years as an excellent Chiropractor impacted many. His great passion however was his diet, nature cure and being an advocate of healthy living. Both in eating raw foods, educating about physical activity and the human frame. We all know he was the best at handstands! We’d like to clarify the chain of events that lead to his body shutting down, as it wasn’t just one thing. As you may or may not be aware Rob has eaten only a raw food diet for nearly 40 years.

Over the last 10 years he significantly decreased his intake of water, drinking only minimal coconut water or freshly squeezed juice, quoting that he got all the water he needed from the high intake of mainly fruits he was eating. In the last 5 years he commenced “dry fasting” for periods of time which meant no food or fluids including water for extended periods, up to 48 hours. He would also intermittently fast each day no food no water for roughly 19 hours with a 5 hour eating window. The doctors believe this had done significant damage to his kidneys over the years as scans & tests performed showed atrophy, scarring and significantly reduced function.

Rob’s immune system was suffering and he picked up a chest infection from a bacteria called Melioidosis, this is found in the soil in tropical climates. He was a avid planter of rare fruits and was constantly tending to his trees & orchard. This contributed to a bad cough and mucous on the lungs which he said “I’m just eliminating, don’t worry”. He then proceeded to do a dry fast of 72 hours no food no fluids, which pushed his body too far which he admitted. In the subsequent weeks he was quite debilitated. His kidneys started to shut down, which then meant he couldn’t clear the fluid from his lungs, and his electrolyte balance was thrown out. Having a proper balance of electrolytes including potassium ensures the heart beats properly. Combined with his lungs not getting adequate oxygen due to the infection which was later diagnosed as pneumonia also put more pressure on his heart.

After much coaxing he reluctantly went to hospital for treatment as he was on the verge of complete kidney failure and a cardiac arrest at home. He accepted testing and treatment in hospital. Their quality of care & respect for Robert was amazing and blessed us with another 2 weeks with him. Last Saturday he suffered with two massive cardiac arrests then was placed in ICU on life support. We were all hoping he would recover, however over the week unfortunately he didn’t regain consciousness (although we believe he could hear us at times) there were no significant signs of neurological activity. His organs including lungs, kidneys, liver and heart continued to fail.

In the last week they had him on dialysis, a ventilator and medication to keep his heart beating. His condition continued to deteriorate and we were advised that there was no treatment options to fix his enlarged heart (cardiomyopathy) and leaking valves with an ejection fraction of 15-20% at most with medication stimulation.

Out of respect for his wishes we (Tulani, Rheana, Meah and the doctors) made a joint decision to let him go peacefully without being plugged into any machines or medications. It has been a very hard time. However we believe he was in the end happy to be set free.

We hope that everyone can respect him and his memory lovingly without judgment or blame. We’ll be having a celebration of life for Rob next Sunday the 8th of December at 1:00pm, 66 Johanna Road Trinity Park. If you’d like to come to say your goodbyes you’re more than welcome. To honor Rob we’ll have a big fruit party (no alcohol please). Feel free to message Meah Robertson, Tulani Lockhart or Ree Anna if you’d like any additional information. Much love Meah, Tulani and Rheana


For a number of years, I have heard stories of people coming to harm and dying from the practise of dry fasting.  I have always banned it  from being a topic for presentation at the UK  Fruitfest as I already had seen how far the idea was spreading within this community and the negative impact it had had.

I call on other events, on other leaders in this community, and on the community of raw vegans and fruitarians around the world in general to stop spreading the dangerous idea of dry fasting before others are affected.

If you would like to educate yourself further on this topic, feel free to read this article by Dr Doug Graham, that we have shared a number of times in the past:

I hope this email has served to bring some more light to this situation.

Robert will be missed.  I filmed a number of videos and conversations with him and enjoyed his company.  Here are some interviews I filmed with him over the years:

No Energy On A Raw Vegan Diet? Here Is Why…

There are many reasons to change to a raw vegan diet but for many people the most important thing they are looking for is more ENERGY.

Do you feel drained a lot of the time?  No wonder.  Our world is full of stresses and stimulations that can leave us feeling overwhelmed.  People are having less sleep and poorer quality sleep than ever before.  On top of all that it seems like working hours get longer and longer as globalisation demands higher and higher levels of productivity.

People are tired and looking for something to give them that boost. 

Mostly, they reach for caffeine filled drinks.  Many people are dependant on caffeine, hooked on it like a drug. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the feeling of being dependant on ANY substance.  You should want freedom in your lifestyle choices, not addiction.

Many go further than that and take recreational or prescription drugs to prop them up.  But we know that all of these artificial stimulants only end up STEALING energy from us…not giving us more.   They can have nasty consequences over time that are really not worth it.

Cleaning up your diet, and removing these stimulants, sounds like the right thing to do.  But still many people do not get the boost of energy they were looking for on a raw vegan diet.  Some report feeling more tired than ever before.

Why is this?

Whenever you are feeling a lack of energy there are some basic things you should consider.  This is a checklist I often run through with coaching clients that tell me they are struggling with a lack of energy.

1) Are you getting enough sleep.  Consider this deeply, are you really getting enough?  Are you getting the quality sleep you need?  Perhaps you need to add in a nap during the day to make sure you are getting all the sleep you need (remember that animals often rest for long periods of the day on top of a full night of sleep in order to be fully ready when they have to take action)

2) What is the level of caffeine in your diet?  Ideally, you should move towards a zero caffeine lifestyle.  This can be hard at first and the withdrawals from caffeine addiction can be very intense, be prepared for cold and flu symptoms.  A source of caffeine people forget about is chocolate, with dark chocolate often having more caffeine that milk chocolate.  If you are eating large amounts of raw chocolate this could be having an effect on your energy levels.

3) Are you eating enough?  A major challenge beginners have to this lifestyle is eating enough.  Quite simple, if you do not eat enough calories to fuel you adequately you will feel drained after a few days.  You will also feel a complete lack of motivation and you may start to feel irritable, depressed and like every is on top of you.  These can be symptoms of the body crying out for more food, a banana smoothie should do the trick!

4) Fitness.  What are your activity levels like?  Are you exercising a lot and not giving yourself time to recover?  Or do you never exercise and your fitness is at a very low level.  To experience a high level of health we must also build our fitness.

5) How is your external environment and emotional life?  Are there stresses in your life from relationships, from your job or from your home that are putting unconscious stress on you.  It can be hard to make these connections but it is worth looking for and looking to make changes.

6) Inspiration.  Are you inspired with where you are at in your life and what you are doing with it?  Do you have things that you are working towards and looking forward to?  This can have a big impact on your energy levels.

I have made a video about all of this on my youtube channel which you can view here:

Are you feeling a little clearer on what may be causing some unnecessary dips in your energy?  Embrace your health and live a life full of energy and enthusiasm!

How To Create Variety On A Fruit Based Diet

How to Create Variety on a Fruit-based Diet?

By Sophie Black, Raw Lion

I’ve heard many people say that eating a fruit based diet is extreme and too restrictive, but this idea of “restriction” or “deprivation” is not true and can prevent people from trying or succeeding on this diet. 

This article will explain how a fruit based diet can create freedom, and how you can create variety and fun eating this way. 

Food Freedom

You are always free to eat what you want regardless of what diet you are on. 

Everytime you eat a meal you could choose or eat food that harms you or food that heals and nourishes you. A fruit based diet is not restrictive, it is an empowering choice that you can feel proud to make. It is a diet that supports health, and being healthy gives us the freedom to live our life to our highest potential and to support ourselves and our communities most effectively.  

Variety is still important

Choosing to eat a fruit based diet may seem daunting and difficult for a while but gaining skills and knowledge overtime will make this healthy diet almost effortless. One skill that I have found really useful is learning how to create variety in my meals, even when I’m eating the same types of fruit time and time again (often during winter or when trying to keep the costs low). 

How many different ways can you eat a banana?

There are many different ways to eat just one type of fruit, and spending time to think outside of the box will easily create new and interesting meals for you to enjoy.

You could eat bananas…

  • Like a monkey, out of the skin
  • Sliced in a bowl
  • Mashed
  • Blended into a yogurt
  • Blended into a smoothie
  • Blended into milk

You only need a few cupboard items to extend this list even further…

  • Covered in a sweet date syrup
  • Blended into a chocolate shake
  • Mashed with cinnamon and chopped dried fruit

I usually have a few other types of fruit to hand as well, creating a long list of different ways to eat the same ingredients…

  • Sliced and covered in a fruit sauce or smoothie
  • Sliced with a fruit yogurt and raw granola
  • Fruit layers in a jar, some chopped, some blended
  • Frozen and blended

Different recipes can be made with fruit simply by processing them differently and creating different combinations. Take a moment today to consider what you could do differently to keep your diet fresh and interesting.  

If you want to learn more about creating different recipes and combinations check out my two fruit-based recipe books.

  • 101 Ways to Eat a Banana – Paperback (£12.99) and Kindle (£5.99) available on Amazon
  • Fruit Buddha Bowl Recipes – Paperback (£6) and Kindle (£3) available on Amazon 

You can also get 33% off the PDF versions (£5.99, £3.99) with the code “UKFruitFest” at my PayHip store.

I also have free content on my YouTube channel Raw Lion 

Why Was Venus Williams Raw Vegan Diet Unsustainable?

You may have recently come across this article on

The article states that Venus Williams, a former Tennis Grand Slam champion, no longer follows her strict raw vegan diet.

Venus said:

“That way of eating was just hard to maintain for long periods of time,” Williams told Insider. “Sometimes you just need something more substantial — some rice, some potatoes — after a workout.” Lentils are also one of her favorite post-training meals, she said. 

So why did Venus go raw vegan in the first place?

It turns out that she was having problems with an automimmune condition known as Sjogrens syndrome. Sjögren’s syndrome, is an autoimmune disorder that can cause extreme fatigue, joint pain, and digestive issues.

It certainly makes sense for Venus to have followed a raw vegan diet in this situation. It does appear that Sjogren sydrome responds well to dietary change.

What was the issue she experienced with the raw vegan diet that made her add in more cooked food?

Was it some kind of deficiency of nutrients lacking in fruits and vegetables? Was it a lack of good fruit where she lived? Was it the cold weather?

No, as she clearly states, she was looking for something “more substantial”, in other words she was looking to feel fuller and more satiated with her meals.

The article says many positive things about the raw vegan diet. That it is a healthier option due to eliminating a number of disease promoting foods and that it is an anti inflammatory diet. But it claims that the problem is that we can struggle to get enough calories on a raw vegan diet (inevitably this can lead to not feeling full, as Venus experienced). The article says:

Williams’ choice to add cooked foods into her still-vegan diet makes dietary and athletic sense. For one, it can be difficult to get enough calories on a raw vegan diet, especially if you’re an athlete.

Does It Make Sense For Athletes To Go Back To Cooked Food?

But does this really make sense? Is it simply not possible to eat enough calories on a raw vegan diet?

This is clearly not the case, as many ultra athletes have been able to train and gain enough calories on a raw vegan diet. Famous cases of this include Michael Arnstein, who labels himself as The Fruitarian and has won some of the most gruelling Ultra marathon races in the world. Harriet Kjaer from Denmark has competed in 350km races as a raw vegan and became Denmark’s top ultra runner on a 100% raw vegan lifestyle.

The TRUTH: What Was Venus Williams Really Eating?

To look into this further firstly, we must work out what Venus Williams was ACTUALLY eating. Unfortunately, it is hard to figure out exactly what kind of raw vegan diet she was eating.

One article, seems to suggest that Venus was not on a raw vegan diet:

In it, Venus states:

” One of my favorite recipes is celery-root soup. I get celery root, tomato, and some Silk almond milk as a base to thicken it a little bit, and then maybe I’ll add pan-fried garlic on top, maybe some truffle oil—whatever I have at the time, I’ll throw it in. It makes for some interesting dishes”

The article comes from an event promoting “Silk” soya milk. This article would suggest that Venus was eating a plant based diet with more raw foods rather than a strictly raw vegan diet.

Looking further into this, is it unclear as to whether Venus was even vegan at all:

“While the superstar sisters technically consider themselves ‘chegan’—because they occasionally indulge in cooked fish or chicken if they feel the need/want to celebrate—their foundational diet for health and training is both raw and vegan. “

Taken from

This article for example ( ) talks about what Venus eats in a day. It includes chicken breast salad. Another article mentions her eating egg white omelettes.

The conclusion from this is that it is not clear what type of raw vegan diet Venus ate or whether she was ever truly raw or vegan at all. It would seem that this is another article throwing negative light on a the raw vegan diet, when it seems clear that the person in question did not even follow this diet.

Big Mistake: Blaming The Diet Instead Of Looking At What The Person Is Actually Eating

This is a big mistake even experienced raw vegan educators make. When someone comes to them saying they are experiencing challenges on a raw vegan diet, they can be too quick to look into potential deficiencies and other issues that are very unlikely to be the real reason that the person is experiencing challenges on a raw vegan diet.

Usually, we just have to look further into what the person is actually eating to realise either that they are not eating a raw vegan diet, or that the diet they are eating is not a sufficient raw vegan diet.

However, if Venus did go raw vegan and felt it was not substantial enough it is most likely the case that she made one of the biggest errors that many people make when they try to eat a raw vegan diet.

The Most Likely Mistake Made

It is likely that she simply did not eat enough calories. This can particularly be the case if someone focuses on green juices and salads and forget that in order to get the carbohydrates we require for optimal performance we must make fruit the focus of our raw vegan diet.

Our suggestion to Venus and to all athletes would be:

The next time you go raw, make sure to eat enough fruit to fuel you adequately for success!

Dr Areli Cuervas-Ocampo- Interview With The Raw Vegan Doctor

Today we are delighted to be joined by Dr Areli Cuervas Ocampo also known as the Raw Vegan Doctor.

Dr Areli lives in the UK but is originally from Mexico.  She has been following a 100% raw vegan diet for around 2 years now and has attended the UK Fruitfest and the Canada Fruitfest (where she gave presentations on her research)

As a neuropathologist she has a vast knowledge of the brain and the dysfunctions and issues relating to the brain.  She brings some scientific reality and perspective to the raw vegan movement.

You can follow her on Youtube and Instagram @rawvegandoctor

Dr Areli willl be presenting at the UK Fruitfest next year.  We are particularly looking forward to finding out how diet can affect the brain and potentially help to reverse or eliminate brain conditions of later life such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Feel free to share this episode online with any you think it can help with.

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