53. Raw and Radiant Weightloss With Ashley Chong

Instead of following advice from doctors who were telling her to restrict calories, eat meat, and take a weight-loss drug, Ashley Chong did the exact opposite. She went 100% raw vegan overnight and it changed her life. She ended up losing about 125 lbs in less than a year and overcome multiple health issues.

Ashley’s weight-loss story has been recognized and shared a multitude of times over various social media platforms such as, Mercy for Animals and People magazine and so much more.

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52. Chef Ocean – Raw Food From L.A To The Jungle

Chef Ocean ( on instagram) has been on a raw food diet for around 20 years.

He was originally inspired by the book Survival Into The 21st Century by Viktoras Kulvinskas and moved to California where he ended up working in the raw food restaurant “Juliano’s Raw”.

He lived in a raw food community called Rawtopia and helped to set up and run a raw kitchen at a festival that took place in a jungle in Costa Rica.

He has shared his raw food creations at Burning Man festival, Raw Spirit Festival, and many other West Coast Festivals over the past 15 years.

You will enjoy this amazing journey and all of his fantastic stories.

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Detoxification Specialist and Iridologist Gary Meyer

Welcome to episode 50 of the Love Fruit podcast! Today’s episode is with Gary Meyer.

Here is what Gary has to say about himself:

“My name is Gary Meyer and I’m a certified coach for cellular regenerative detoxification, clinical iridology & herbology originally from germany and now living in Paraguay, South America. It’s my absolute passion to help and assist you to solve your health problems and / or maintain a holistically healthy and joyful life.”

You can learn more about Gary at his website: http://www.fruitfulsolution

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Acne, Alkaline Diet To Fruit Diet – Matthew Lorimer

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Matthew Lorimer is the Chief Technical Officer of a software company based in Stirling, Scotland.

He has been on a 100% raw vegan diet (fruit based) for over 7 years.  He started out changing to an Alkaline Diet to try to deal with his acne.

Eventually, he found more information about a raw vegan diet and started to adopt this way of eating almost immediately. 

Matthew has played a big role in the UK Fruitfest and has also been an attendee at Woodstock Fruit Festival and other raw retreats.  He has also participated in a long term water fast with Loren Lockman in Costa Rica.

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Raw Vegan Body Builder – Alexander Demin

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Alexander Demin is a software engineer originally from Russia now residing in London. His fitness activity of choice is bodybuilding.

He has attended the UK Fruitfest and the Austria Fruit fest (where he gave a fascinating interview to the guests)

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Embracing Your Joy With Fruit – Victoria Everett Collins

In November 2006 Victoria Everett completely changed her life. She was 34 years old, 248lbs, riddled with health problems, bed ridden and suffered from severe mental illness. She knew she was dying.

She prayed to live and was given the answers. Moving towards a 100% raw vegan diet she found her health issues both physical and mental began to disappear. Since then she has gone from a life of continuous suffering to learning to embrace a life of joy.

She shares more on her website:

43. Rock Star Lifestyle To Raw Fooder – Ronnie Skurow

Welcome to the Love Fruit Podcast, a podcast for raw vegans and fruitarians.

In this episode we interview Ronnie Skurow from Arizona. Ronnie has been eating a raw food diet for around 20 years. His raw food journey started when he met a woman that ran a raw food restaurant in Las Vegas.

His raw food diet improved when he met his wife Minh. Minh was born in Vietnam and grew up often eating raw and fresh food. She is a gifted raw food chef.

Together they have given demonstration classes around the USA and have previously taught at the Living Light Culinary Institute.

In this interview, we find out more about his story from being the leader of the rock band Skurow, playing on some of the biggest stages around the USA to sharing his passion for raw foods around the US.

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Richard Gambino Interview For Love Fruit Podast (Episode 42)

This week I got a chance to interview my friend Richard Gambino.

Richard lives in Ojai, California where he grows his own fruits and vegetables and sells the excess from his farmstand.

He has been on a raw vegan diet for close to 15 years and a vegan for years before that. He is also a lifelong athlete and qualified at a high level for his chosen event the Steeplechase.

Learn more in todays interview which you can also listen to on Spotify, Itunes and other podcast platforms.

Love Fruit Podcast 41: Robby Barbaro From Mastering Diabetes

In this episode of the Love Fruit podcast, I interview Robby Barbaro co-author and founder of Mastering Diabetes. Robby is a long term raw vegan that lives with Type 1 Diabetes.

In this interview we talk about his journey to the raw vegan diet and how he ended up sharing this information with others through his coaching programmes and retreats.

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Love Fruit Podcast 38: Alice Copilet

In this episode of the Love Fruit podcast we interview Alice Copilet. Originally from London, Alice now lives in Koh Phagnan, Thailand and follows a fruit based diet and health conscious lifestyle.

Many people follow her on her instagram page @fasting_with_alice where you can learn more about her approach to health, healing and lifestyle improvement.

In this interview we talk about her journey from being a London lawyer and party girl, to following a spiritual path and moving towards a raw vegan diet and lifestyle.

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