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Immersion has been shown again and again to be the best way to make a change or to really commit to something new in your life, especially when it is a well-trained habit like eating.

And learning from those who have been truly doing it for decades, but were once where you are, is one of the second most tried and true rules for accelerated learning.

Dr. Graham has been living the raw vegan lifestyle fully for 30 years, but was once a “regular guy” when it came to diet-even when he was a gymnast and medaled coach.

As Dr. Graham recounts:
“Over 40 years ago now, I ate meat, fish, chicken, cheese, loads of candy, 3 meat sandwiches on a hard roll for lunch every day with butter and mayo. Ice cream several times per day, sometimes a quart or two per day. 2 pizzas for dinner was good. I ate tons of fruit and veg too, but I thought nothing of eating a pound of steak for dinner. I’d go to the local ice cream place (Buxton’s) and eat their “impossible challenge” (The Big Bux) which you got for free if you ate two. I don’t remember eating two, but one easy, and it was HUGE. I ate a lot of everything as an athlete kid, and had the acne to prove it. So I know what it takes to move from a really SAD diet to raw vegan.”

The FoodnSport Team has all been living the lifestyle for 5 years plus and all came from various backgrounds of eating SAD (Standard American Diet), diabetic, sick, fat, tired-you name it!

They all understand and empathize with where you are at (wherever that is), but more importantly, they know what it takes and they know the tricks and tips to make it happen faster and more easy than anyone else. Dr. Graham has personally worked with thousands of people and knows what works, what doesn’t and how to accelerate your results!

Recently we noticed that there wasn’t one easy place to get a taste for Dr. Graham’s FoodnSport Retreats, so here it is! Access some great videos, information and testimonials. Then link to the retreat pages for everything you need to know once you decide on a few favorites!

If you’re getting started, then the 80/10/10 Food & Lifestyle Retreat is for you. It takes the best tips and tricks, as well as the fundamental education you need to start off on the right foot and stay there. We cover social and family issues, food preparation and the importance of fitness. This is a full 3-Day Retreat from September 20th – 24th 2018.

Dr. Graham’s Foodnsport retreats are unlike any I’ve ever attended. The attention to detail, plush setting, and in-depth teaching is second to none. If you can come, I recommend:
P.S. They also have a few spots open in the 80/10/10 Culinary Skills Week retreat beginning September 5th and running through 13th.

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