How To Create Variety On A Fruit Based Diet

How to Create Variety on a Fruit-based Diet?

By Sophie Black, Raw Lion

I’ve heard many people say that eating a fruit based diet is extreme and too restrictive, but this idea of “restriction” or “deprivation” is not true and can prevent people from trying or succeeding on this diet. 

This article will explain how a fruit based diet can create freedom, and how you can create variety and fun eating this way. 

Food Freedom

You are always free to eat what you want regardless of what diet you are on. 

Everytime you eat a meal you could choose or eat food that harms you or food that heals and nourishes you. A fruit based diet is not restrictive, it is an empowering choice that you can feel proud to make. It is a diet that supports health, and being healthy gives us the freedom to live our life to our highest potential and to support ourselves and our communities most effectively.  

Variety is still important

Choosing to eat a fruit based diet may seem daunting and difficult for a while but gaining skills and knowledge overtime will make this healthy diet almost effortless. One skill that I have found really useful is learning how to create variety in my meals, even when I’m eating the same types of fruit time and time again (often during winter or when trying to keep the costs low). 

How many different ways can you eat a banana?

There are many different ways to eat just one type of fruit, and spending time to think outside of the box will easily create new and interesting meals for you to enjoy.

You could eat bananas…

  • Like a monkey, out of the skin
  • Sliced in a bowl
  • Mashed
  • Blended into a yogurt
  • Blended into a smoothie
  • Blended into milk

You only need a few cupboard items to extend this list even further…

  • Covered in a sweet date syrup
  • Blended into a chocolate shake
  • Mashed with cinnamon and chopped dried fruit

I usually have a few other types of fruit to hand as well, creating a long list of different ways to eat the same ingredients…

  • Sliced and covered in a fruit sauce or smoothie
  • Sliced with a fruit yogurt and raw granola
  • Fruit layers in a jar, some chopped, some blended
  • Frozen and blended

Different recipes can be made with fruit simply by processing them differently and creating different combinations. Take a moment today to consider what you could do differently to keep your diet fresh and interesting.  

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