Orange Turns Purple: Australian Scientists Solve Fruit Mystery

A recent story reported by the BBC tells the story of a mystery orange that turned purple.  

You can read the original version here-

The article states:

“Australian health authorities say they have solved a mystery that prompted much speculation earlier this month.

It began when a Brisbane woman, Neti Moffitt, asked for an investigation into why an orange – partially eaten by her son – had later changed colour.

Scientists have now revealed it was due to a natural reaction between the fruit and a sharpened knife. The orange did not pose a health risk, they added.

Stewart Carswell, Queensland Health’s chief chemist, said “numerous tests” were conducted to determine the cause of the colour change.

The results revealed that anthocyanins – a naturally occurring antioxidant in oranges – had reacted with iron particles from the newly sharpened blade, he said.”

Have you ever had an orange turn purple?  


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