The Man Who Eats the Most Fruit in the World

Years ago I heard about a man who, it was claimed, had eaten more fruit than anyone else on the planet.

That man is Dr Douglas Graham, who is well known as the author of “The 80/10/10 Diet” book. The programme that he promotes is a low fat raw vegan diet based on fruit and a lifestyle of high energy, exercises and other healthful habits.

It is hard to exactly quantify the influence that this book had but essentially it lead to a sea change in the raw food movement. For many years, there were a number of different raw diets promoted and a number of incorrect ideas promoted as part of the raw food idea. One idea was that “as long as it is raw, then it is healthy”…but this is not really the case.

Dr Graham was always a bit of a rebel at raw food events as he was telling people that they didn’t have to focus on superfoods and supplements (big business at the time for many raw food promoters) and that they should instead focus on eating enough fruit to satisfy their carbohydrate needs, and limit their intake of fats (that were common in many raw gourmet dishes).

Unlike many other raw gurus, Dr Graham did not propose the 80/10/10 Lifestyle as way to simply cleanse, detoxify or heal in the short term from disease. He proposed it as a lifestyle that could be enjoyed LONG TERM and could be used to support athletic activities and other high performance pursuits. As a former professional athlete (a gymnast and trampolinist) this was important to him.

He became and adviser to many top athletes including Martina Navratilova, the tennis champion and is currently still busy working alongside Michael Porter Jr, from the Denver Nuggets basketball team in the NBA.

Dr Graham has given over 10,000 presentations around the world about health and the raw vegan lifestyle and we are lucky to be inviting him back once again to the UK Fruitfest, for the 7th time. He will be providing morning fitness classes, demonstrating some of his favourite recipes and lecturing on the subject of the raw vegan diet, health and performance.

Dr Graham joined me recently for an interview. The interview lasted over 2 hours and we were able to go into great detail into health and the some of his history in the raw vegan movement and also into one of his specialist topics, fasting. He will be supervising a small number of people in fasting very soon and provides some information about that.

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