How Does A Raw Vegan Celebrate Christmas?

On your journey to a healthier lifestyle, you have no doubt experienced Christmas as being a difficult time for sticking to healthy habits.  This is a time of year where feasting and indulgence are almost mandatory!

Christmas dinner is often the biggest meal of the year and many people end up eating so much that they fall asleep for hours after it as their digestive system struggles to deal with the overload.

It is also a time of giving, and once again treats and sweets are a big part of that giving.  It is hard to say no especially when we have been given a present.

How do raw vegans celebrate Christmas if they do at all?

You may be thinking that eating raw brussel sprouts and parnships must be no fun at all.  Not to worry, raw vegans can get very creative when they want to….

It is easy to replicate many different festive flavours and treats with raw vegan recipes.  After all, most of the flavours and smells you associate with Christmas will come from the fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices that accompany these meal.

It may be a time to make a special meal that you rarely make.  You may have even been gifted some new tool or machine you have never tried before that you can use to make delicious treats.

However, rather than treating it as a time to indulge, it may just be a time to stick to exactly what you have always eaten.  If this is your first time eating raw vegan with all your family it may be a bit of a strange experience.  Many questions will come your way and it could be a bit embarrassing to be the focus of that kind of attention.

Here’s what I would suggest to you:

When people ask questions and perhaps offer you opinions about why what you are doing is not healthy or not good for you long time, simply thank them for their concern and interest and let them know that you are trying something out for a while because you want to see if it will make you feel better.

Don’t use these questions as an invitation to educate people on their ignorance.  This is not what they are actually asking for, they are finding a way to show concern and interest but few are actually ready to hear more.  Let them know that if they wish to have a full conversation about it, perhaps having a chat after Christmas will be a good idea.  You will find almost no one will actually get back in touch with you about it.

For raw vegans focused on health….

It can be hard to see friends and family eat poor quality food like dead turkey and other flesh which we know is a direct cause of many health issues.  However, we also know that people will not really appreciate you using this as a time to make people feel uncomfortabe and embarrassed about those choices.  Perhaps you can invite them to your own place to show them how delicious a healthier meal can be?

For vegans

It can be a hard time to see relatives continuing to contribute to the exploitation of animals.  However, there are more and more vegan options available and perhaps you can take some along for them to try? 

At the end of the day family and friendship are very important.  If you fall out with people at this time of year over their diet then you potentially lose the chance to ever have an opportunity to help convince them to make that change.

What I have found over the years is that if someone was ready to hear more about this they will come to you.  But really, you often can not be a prophet in your own town.  It is likely they will go to other sources before coming to you.

This is not a time of year to use the excuse of Christmas to fall off of your healthy lifestyle.  Your work may take time off at this time of year but your body never takes a break.  We should consider that when making choices for our health.

Have a great Christmas and a happy new year!

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Have a great Christmas and never forget to STAY FRUITY!

Ronnie Smith

UK Fruitfest

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