How Many Calories On A Raw Vegan Diet?

Spoil Your Appetite With Fruit – Video With Dr Doug Graham

Have you ever wondered why desert has to be served after a big meal?

Why is our desire for food not completely satisfied by our meal?

Dr Doug Graham speaks about this concept in this video.

Generally, people do not eat enough volume or enough simple carbohydrate to truly spoil their appetite…leaving them snacking all day long or eating sweets after every meal.

This is because we are designed for consuming fruit. A larger volume of food and a food full of instant fuel from the sugars that are in fruit.

To truly feel a sense of satisfaction, learn to eat enough fruit!

Health Is Not Restrictive

Many people think a healthy lifestyle will be restrictive.
They worry that a healthy lifestyle will be a struggle everyday to not give in to temptation.
They believe a healthy lifestyle will be boring.
Nothing could really be further from the truth.
A healthy lifestyle is a life of abundance, freedom from addiction (and the negative consequences of those addictions) and peace of mind.
There is nothing less restrictive than that!
Whatever your purpose is in life, working on improving your health will improve your performance in all other areas.
A lady once said to me:
“I don’t think health is the most important thing, I think the environment is more important”
But how can you improve the environment without your health?
Sickness robs your time, your energy and your life from you.
Move forward towards a life of health!
UK Fruitfest takes place from the 21st to the 28th of July 2019. The venue is Croft Farm Waterpark, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.
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Ted Carr On The Power Of The Mind

Have you ever tried to make changes to your diet but it seems like some part of you is not co-operating?

In this video Ted Carr is talking about how to understand how your mind and emotions work together.

Once we understand that we can then use the power of the mind to make our health goals become a reality.

Ted managed to use these strategies years ago to go on a fully raw diet and has never looked back.

Last year, he founded his own event the Canada Fruitfest which was a tremendous success.

He knows how to bring his dreams into reality.

You can do it too!


UK Fruitfest takes place from the 21st to the 28th of July 2019. The venue is Croft Farm Waterpark, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. Book now:


Jesse Bogdanovich’s Amazing Raw Food Healing Journey

Jesse Bogdanovich came to UK Fruitfest in 2016. He shared with us his story of healing on a raw food diet.

He made a truly amazing recovery and we are so glad he was at the festival to share his story with us.

The raw vegan diet has the power to change your life. Some people recover their health, some people find new purpose in life, others fall in love with nature or fitness.

It is a truly epic adventure. Once you are on the path you will never look back!

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UK Fruitfest takes place from the 21st to the 28th of July 2019. The venue is Croft Farm Waterpark Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. Book now:

The Golden Age And The Fall Of Mankind – Video With Tony Wright

Tony Wright joined us in 2016. He is the author of the books “Left In The Dark” and “Return To The Brain Of Eden”

Tony is the unofficial world record holder for the most days and nights spent without sleep, which shows his dedication to try to unlock the secrets of the human brain.

Could the move away from our natural diet of fruit have done more than just impacted the health of our body? Could it have affected the evolution of our brain?

Has our brain devolved? Did we once have abilities and function that we only now get glimpses of?

Read his books to learn more.


The Subconscious Mind And The Conscious Mind – Ted Carr

Understanding your mind and how to use it will help you make changes in your life.

Visualising the result you want, feeling it, believing it is coming will help bring you into alignment with your goals.

Ted Carr will be back at Fruitfest this year to teach more on these subjects and more.

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UK Fruitfest takes place from the 21st to the 28th of July 2019. The venue is Croft Farm Waterpark. Tewkesbury Gloucestershire.


Substances, Forces, Influences and Conditions – Dr Doug Graham (VIDEO)

“If I give everyone a sunflower seed, who will grow the best sunflower?

The person that provides the seed with the best substances, forces, influences and conditions will grow the best sunflower”

– Dr Doug Graham

When it comes to health, we should not be looking to buy something that will magically bring us excellent health.

We must realise that the seed of health is in us, waiting for us to provide the right circumstances to allow it to grow and blossom in our life.

It’s not just about knowing the right information, but also understanding the mindset and the philosophy surrounding that information.

Dr Graham doesn’t tell you what to think, but teaches you how to think.

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Learn more at UK Fruitfest 2019.

UK Fruitfest 2019 takes place from the 21st to the 28th of July 2019. The location is Croft Farm Waterpark, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.