59. EFT Therapist, Professional Violinist and Raw Vegan Jane Sinclair

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In this episode we interview Jane Sinclair. Jane is a professional violinist and an EFT practitioner. She has been on her raw vegan path for around 8 years and has attended the UK Fruitfest 6 times!

In this episode you will learn about how Jane used EFT to help her deal with severe stage fright. It has been so effective that she can deliver talks in front of audiences when before she would have found this too nerve wracking. You will also hear about some of her experiences at the UK Fruitfest.

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My Exotic Fruit Interview

Welcome to Episode 58 of the Love Fruit podcast. In this epsiode we were joined by Colin and Denny from My Exotic Fruit.

My Exotic Fruit were one of the first online retailers of exotic fruits supplied direct to consumers in the UK. They joined us to speak about what goes on in their business and their experience with travelling in South East Asia sourcing the best exotic fruits.

We have not been paid to sponsor or advertise the company but simply thought our listeners would enjoy learning about exotic fruits from the other side. My Exotic Fruit has supplied exotic fruits to the UK Fruitfest on a number of occasions.

Interview With Rhiannon Van Der Griffin (from 2020)

Rhiannon Van Der Griffin is a home-educating Mother, living a high fruit, low fat raw vegan lifestyle for over 5 years in England, UK. Since going raw in March 2015 she has went on a huge journey of self discovery.

As her body healed with her nutritious new lifestyle, she began doing intense inner work such as forgiveness and self acceptance exercises. With these inner work exercises, the high fruit raw vegan diet and a few other alternative/natural healing protocols, she has transformed myself away from a life of Bulimia, weight issues, insecurities and hopelessness. Rhiannon was a featured speaker at the 2019 UK Fruitfest.

Rhiannon helps others to embrace a healthy life style with her programmes and coaching available at

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56. Julia Pedroni Interview

Julia is a 29-year-old raw vegan, passionate about fruits and living food. She started her health journey at the beginning of 2020, following the physical loss of her Mum from a pancreatic cancer.

She is at your disposal for guiding you to healing sources (reading/videos) and experienced health Coaches. Moreover, she is always more than happy to exchange with you all.

She is currently living in Switzerland, planning a travel to the tropics around September 2021.

You can find her on Instagram at @eatlikeit or by email:

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55. Jeannette Donofrio – Raw Vegan C.E.O

Jeannette Donofrio is a Food and Beverage Business Consultant originally from NYC and now lives in Miami, Florida. Jeannette is extremely passionate about living a raw vegan liferstyle and has for over 10 years now!

Her life purpose is to inspire you to be your greatest version in all aspects of your life! Jeannette is dedicated to providing value on her YouTube channel (Ms.FitVegan) where she posts content on goal setting, health living and more! She is currently offering her new recipe book “100 Deliciously Fun & Easy Raw Vegan Recipes” at

You can connect with Jeannette for Business or Health Consultations and for Accountability Coaching by sending her an email at

She is the founder of the Fruit Is Life Store (​)

She was previously a CEO and Director of Training for a juice bar company in New York. She has been a manager at the Woodstock Fruit Festival often running the Sugar Cane Juice stand.

You can follow Jeannette on instragram @Ms.FitVegan

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Healthy Dynamic Weight Loss With Lexi Tavares

Lexi Tavares is the author of the book “Fruitful Weightloss”

She experienced her own weight loss journey with a raw vegan diet, releasing 30 pounds of weight in 30 days.

She now helps vegans release excess weight quickly, easily, healthily, and enjoyably, without starving, using a low fat raw food diet.

You can follow Lexi on instagram at @healthydynamiclife

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53. Raw and Radiant Weightloss With Ashley Chong

Instead of following advice from doctors who were telling her to restrict calories, eat meat, and take a weight-loss drug, Ashley Chong did the exact opposite. She went 100% raw vegan overnight and it changed her life. She ended up losing about 125 lbs in less than a year and overcome multiple health issues.

Ashley’s weight-loss story has been recognized and shared a multitude of times over various social media platforms such as, Mercy for Animals and People magazine and so much more.

You can follow Ashley @rawandradiant on instagram

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52. Chef Ocean – Raw Food From L.A To The Jungle

Chef Ocean ( on instagram) has been on a raw food diet for around 20 years.

He was originally inspired by the book Survival Into The 21st Century by Viktoras Kulvinskas and moved to California where he ended up working in the raw food restaurant “Juliano’s Raw”.

He lived in a raw food community called Rawtopia and helped to set up and run a raw kitchen at a festival that took place in a jungle in Costa Rica.

He has shared his raw food creations at Burning Man festival, Raw Spirit Festival, and many other West Coast Festivals over the past 15 years.

You will enjoy this amazing journey and all of his fantastic stories.

You can find out more and check out his ebooks and other services at:

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Detoxification Specialist and Iridologist Gary Meyer

Welcome to episode 50 of the Love Fruit podcast! Today’s episode is with Gary Meyer.

Here is what Gary has to say about himself:

“My name is Gary Meyer and I’m a certified coach for cellular regenerative detoxification, clinical iridology & herbology originally from germany and now living in Paraguay, South America. It’s my absolute passion to help and assist you to solve your health problems and / or maintain a holistically healthy and joyful life.”

You can learn more about Gary at his website: http://www.fruitfulsolution

Or follow @fruitfulsolution on instagram

Acne, Alkaline Diet To Fruit Diet – Matthew Lorimer

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Matthew Lorimer is the Chief Technical Officer of a software company based in Stirling, Scotland.

He has been on a 100% raw vegan diet (fruit based) for over 7 years.  He started out changing to an Alkaline Diet to try to deal with his acne.

Eventually, he found more information about a raw vegan diet and started to adopt this way of eating almost immediately. 

Matthew has played a big role in the UK Fruitfest and has also been an attendee at Woodstock Fruit Festival and other raw retreats.  He has also participated in a long term water fast with Loren Lockman in Costa Rica.

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