Top Weight Loss Tips On A Raw Vegan Diet- Melissa Raimondi

Top Weight Loss Tips On A Raw Vegan Diet- Melissa Raimondi


Enjoy this video from last year’s Fruitfest.  Melissa loved it so much she is coming back again to teach about her raw vegan lifestyle and her weight loss journey.

You can learn a lot from Melissa!


Yulia Tarbath From Rawesome Healthy: How I Changed My World Through The Raw Foods Lifestyle

Yulia Tarbath From Rawesome Healthy: How I Changed My World Through The Raw Foods Lifestyle

Are you a fan of popular Youtubers Paul and Yulia Tarbath, aka Rawesome Healthy?

I met Paul and Yulia at the 2012 Woodstock Fruit Festival and have watched their channel and following grow over the years.  They deliver a strong and positive message about the incredible, life-changing benefits of this lifestyle of which they are a great example.

They have also shown others how to change to a life of more freedom by creating an online business that allows them to travel around the world and live in warm climates during the winter.

In this interview Yulia talks about discovering the 80/10/10 Raw vegan diet and how this led to major healing in her life.  She talks about how her husband Paul adopted it quickly himself even though he never liked to eat fruit in the past.

She also talks about how coaching can be the best way for someone to start off as part of this lifestyle and how this can help people in the quickest way.  Lastly, we talk about her experience with travelling around the world and the different places they have lived and enjoyed as raw vegans.

To learn more from Paul and Yulia visit

If you would like to learn more from Paul and Yulia they will be teaching at this year’s UK Fruitfest.  Get a 10% discount off of your ticket with the discount code “rawesomehealthy” when you register.





Anne Osborne on The Importance Of Foraging

This clip comes from a talk given by Anne Osborne on foraging.  Anne has been a fruitarian for over 25 years and started off on this lifestyle living in the UK.

She has now moved to Australia and has raised two children on a fruit diet.  She works for the Woodstock Fruit Festival helping with many different aspects of that event.

Her book “Fruitarianism: A Path To Paradise” is a classic which has went out of print.  It can be found on Amazon for a very high price right now.

You can learn more from Anne at this years UK Fruitfest at which she will be teaching more about thriving on this lifestyle.

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Dr Doug Graham: What I’ve Learned From 40 Years On A Raw Vegan Diet

Dr Doug Graham: What I’ve Learned From 40 Years On A Raw Vegan Diet

In this post I want to share an interview I conducted with Dr Doug Graham in 2014.  It lasts around 25 minutes and I ask the following questions:

  • How did you end up on this journey?
  • 2:43 why promote 100% raw?
  • 5:28 what are your daily habits to develop health outside of diet?
  • 8:21 does fasting lead to metabolic damage?
  • 13:22 is it true that you believe that, in the past, living on a starch-based diet would have been impossible?
  • 18:20 what are your thoughts on the economics behind a vegan and raw vegan diet?
  • 20:05 what is your vision for the future?


Watch the full interview here:

If you would like the chance to meet Dr Doug Graham at this year’s UK Fruitfest, register today.  There are still some spaces left.  Get your tickets here: CLICK HERE



Is It Possible To Eat Too Much Fruit?

Is It Possible To Eat Too Much Fruit?

A new article on asks the question:

You can view it here:

The article starts worryingly with a reference to Steve Jobs and Ashton Kutcher:

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was, briefly and famously, an ardent fruitarian—meaning he ate a diet composed primarily of fruit, which he believed would cleanse his body of harmful fluids. Just as famously, the actor Ashton Kutcher tried adopting Jobs’s fruit-centric diet, until he ended up in the hospital with an out-of-whack pancreas.”

What is so interesting about Ashton Kutcher’s problem with a fruit based diet is that his wife, Demi Moore, had previously consulted with Dr Doug Graham.   She had adopted a fruit based diet during the training for one of her films.  It seems unusual that he would not have got some more help or advice from someone in the fruitarian community.  But anyway…

The article goes on to look into a little bit of information regarding the evolution of human beings and mention the Walker study on looking at erosion on teeth.  This study indicated that our ancestors were primarily fruit eaters.

Then the article goes on to interview Dr Robert Lustig.

I came across a lecture by Lustig years ago on the perils of sugar.  At that time, I had given up refined sugar and I enjoyed the lecture and would send the video to others.  Now I have realised he promotes the low carb diet.  A diet worse than a diet heavy in sugar.

He says:

“There are some people out there who are fruitarians, and from what we can tell they’re perfectly healthy,”

Interesting to hear him say that!

The article talks a little bit about why fruit is not bad for us despite the sugar content.  It states that despite the sugar content fruit is healthy and can be consumed really without restriction.

This is good to hear and good information.  Though I would rather hear it pointed out that fat, especially saturated fat, is much much worse than sugar.

Then the article goes on to mention some downsides:

“Heavy fruit consumption may come with some downsides. “An excess of whole fruit can give you diarrhoea,” says Dr. Adam Drewnowski, director of the Center for Public Health Nutrition at the University of Washington. The expense of whole fruit is also not inconsiderable. “People who want affordable fresh fruit are pretty much limited to bananas, oranges, apples, bananas, melon, pineapple,” he adds. Eating lots of berries would cost you a lot more, especially if you prefer organic.”

As any fruitarian will tell you, fruit does not cause diarrhoea.  In fact it leads to improved and perfect digestion.  Of course when people eat fruit for the first time after years of stuffing their system with junk the combination may lead to some upset in their digestion.  But is it the fault of the fruit?  Of course not!

As for the expense, this is an unusual thing to bring up.  Why is the expense relevant when we are talking about whether too much fruit is healthy or not?

Then Lustig points out one danger fruit:

“There’s only one fruit he says may be worth watching out for: grapes. “Grapes are outliers in terms of their sugar-to-fiber ratio,” he says. “They’re basically little bags of sugar.” While he doesn’t recommend avoiding grapes entirely, they’re not the best fruit to overeat.”

Should we really be worried about grapes?  No.  Grapes like all fruit can be consumed as much and as often as you like.  There is no evidence to suggest people are coming to harm because of the sugar to fibre ratio of grapes.

In this video, Dr Michael Greger goes through the current science on eating large quantities of fruit.  The research suggests that there is virtually no limit to how much fruit a person can eat and the positive effects it has:






Meet Michael Porter Jr., self-proclaimed ‘best player in the draft’ and raw vegan

Meet Michael Porter Jr., self-proclaimed ‘best player in the draft’ and raw vegan


It is official!

Dr Doug Graham, a 4 time speaker at Fruitfest, is working closely with top NBA draft prospect Michael Porter Jr.

Reports suggest that Porter is heading towards a raw vegan diet.  Dr Graham has helped other high level athletes, including an NBA player, with improving their performance through a raw vegan diet.

In his book, the 80/10/10 Diet, Dr Graham came up with a plan that works not only for athletes but anyone wishing to pursue greater health with a raw vegan diet.

A recent article it states:

“Last fall, the Kansas City Star published a story about the Porter family’s diet and how it has changed since the family brought in a “performance consultant”. Lisa Porter, especially, saw the importance of diet in helping her sons Michael and Jontay (also a freshman at Mizzou who is entering the draft) maximize their physical abilities as they prepared to play basketball in college and the NBA. As the matriarch of the Porter family, Lisa brought in Doug Graham, a doctor of chiropractic medicine from outside of London, to coach her and the rest of the ten-person household on proper nutrition.

Graham had been advising the family on their diet for some time but last year he spent several days as a live-in chef and nutritionist, teaching lessons in the kitchen around the benefits of consuming a raw vegan diet.

According to Graham, “cooking food can produce ‘detriments’ to the body, anti-nutrients that increase the need for specific minerals, vitamins and antioxidants”. Recipes that Graham taught the Porters included vegan pizza with a zucchini crust, raw cinnamon buns, kale chips, and cashew-based cheese sauces to use in Mexican dishes.”

You can read the whole thing HERE

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  If Michael lives up to his potential he could become one of the biggest stars in the NBA.  This could make him one of the best-known athletes in the world.  If the raw vegan diet is proved to help his performances stand out perhaps more athletes will move to experimenting with a raw vegan diet for their health.

At the UK Fruitfest this year, Dr Graham will be revealing some of his strategies that have helped him coach others to high- level performance.  This will take place on our special extra day mastermind programme.

We hope to see you there!




Most Controversial Raw Food Debate Of All Time

Most Controversial Raw Food Debate Of All Time

This video was filmed at a Raw Food Culinary Showcase which took place in Jamaica around about the year 2000. It shows very clearly the different ideas that have been promoted in the raw food world over the last few decades.  Some of the opinions given are quite clearly anti-fruit.  Also, very small amounts of fruit are recommended in some of the comments.

You can watch this yourself and make up your own mind as to who you think is most believable. I have only ever attended Fruit festivals and have almost never seen this anti- fruit message being promoted. However, I know that this was once a big part of the raw food movement.

The truth is, if you give up on fruit you are going to struggle to maintain a raw diet.  There is simply no better staple for a raw diet (or for that matter any person’s diet) than to eat sweet fruit.

Join us at the Fruitfest this year to learn more about thriving long term on a fruit based raw vegan diet.

Deutsche Bank’s cost-cutting is so savage that it’s even stopped buying fruit for its staff

A recent article on has shown that Deutsche bank has stopped buying fresh fruit for staff.

This could be a bad decision for a number of reasons.

Firstly fruit helps to protect against illness and disease leading to fewer sick days.

Also, fruit is a superior food to help boost performance than any other snack.

You can read more here:

Review: Lecture and Seminar With Dr Doug Graham and the Dublin Vegan group

Review: Lecture and Seminar With Dr Doug Graham and the Dublin Vegan group

Last year, we had a number of attendees from Ireland at UK Fruitfest.  Greg Xavier was not only at Fruitfest but also ended up at Woodstock Fruit Festival.

A while later he mentioned that he had given a talk to the Dublin Vegan Group that he helped to run.  They were often having as many as 100 people turn up at their talks.

We arranged to put on something special in collaboration.

I spoke to Dr Doug Graham about it and almost miraculously he had a gap in his schedule for that weekend.  A few days later he was heading to Chicago to work for 3 weeks with a top NBA prospect.

Greg picked us up in Dublin and we headed to the lecture theatre. It was the Jonathan Swift lecture theatre at Trinity College Dublin.  This was a prestigious venue indeed.  Founded in 1592, Trinity College is not only the oldest surviving college in Ireland is also seen as the most prestigious.  It is seen as one of the 7 ancient universities of Britain and Ireland and one of the most elite institutions in Europe.

As you can see in the picture it was a room designed perfectly for a lecture and no microphones where necessary.

In advance, Doug told me he was going to do his “psychic act”.

I won’t tell you exactly what that turned out to be, in case you see him do it in the future, but it was an interesting way to put a presentation together.

He spoke for over an hour and the audience was wrapped in attention.  He was running and jumping around all over the rooms, taking questions left, right and centre and taking people out of the audience for demonstrations.

At the end, as we were leaving the attendees were hungry for more information and kept asking questions.

Many were excited for the seminar the next day and some were looking forward to the fruit festival.

That night, we got back to the flat and Doug started answering emails.  I went out to try to find some fruit and eventually had to take 2 taxis to a 24 hour Spar.  The fruit I found wasn’t great but we hadn’t eaten anything since 12pm.

As I walked around that night I felt inspired and elated.  It felt really great to have shared this message with so many people and made me feel like I was living in line with my purpose.  Dublin is a spectacular city.  We were right by the river where brand new state of the art buildings stand tall beside the river’s edge.

The seminar the next day….

….was mostly Doug teaching, but I had to work on Fruit festival stuff so I did not have too much time to participate.  Doug did a brilliant food demo that really wowed the audience.

Later that night, we were hosted by the owner of Cornucopia, Ireland’s oldest vegan restaurant.  The manager, Deirdra, was an incredible person.  Very funny and young at heart.  She was full of enthusiasm about what she was doing and that was infectious.

She told us her story of leaving Dublin as a student radical to go and live in Boston where she eventually ended up working at the Hippocrates health institute with Anne Wigmore.


She had eventually come back to Ireland to start this new restaurant with her partner who unfortunately died of cancer.  She has since built it into a very successful restaurant which was absolutely packed and had a queue out of the door the whole time we were there.

We left early the next morning and were sorry to leave.  The trip had been a success in my eyes and made me yearn for more travel and adventure sharing the message of fruit and health.

Who knows where we will end up next.

Stay fruity,