Is Fruit Bad For People Who Have Cancer?

A new video came up from a conference that has just taken place.  You can watch it here:

In this video, various leaders in the health movement are asked their opinion on fruit.

The first 4 speakers appear to be fairly anti-fruit.

AKA Fruitphobics!

Then Dr Garth Davis takes the microphone.

Thankfully, despite not being a fruitarian or raw vegan, he comes out in defence of fruit.

He also references some well known names in the fruitarian raw vegan movement such as Kristina Carillo-Bucaram and Michael Arnstein and testifies to how healthy they are.

Dr Davis mentions how fruit is probably the best substance for us to be eating.

It turns into a bit of a debate between him and Brian Clement about the effect of fruit on cancer.

It’s worth a watch and a share.

One Reply to “Is Fruit Bad For People Who Have Cancer?”

  1. In reality, where we all live, fruit helps the body prevent cancer, as Garth stated, but it also can help the body resolve it. Yes, fruit’s sugar can “feed” cancer, ***but only under certain circumstances.*** Typical Western Diet eaters tend to experience those circumstances, but if a raw vegan isn’t experiencing those circumstances, then fruit sugar does NOT feed cancer. This is explained here… BUT beware, there are some raw vegan fruitarian educators who paint an unrealistic picture of what a fruitarian diet can do for a person with cancer! They portray it as a magic bullet, “Just eat an all raw fruit and greens diet and the cancer will resolve.” If this happened for someone doesn’t mean it will happen for all those with cancer… because this has been shown to be true; people have died from following this advice. So this is VERY irresponsible advice, even if it is well-intentioned. If I got a diagnosis of cancer, there are a number of therapies I’d pursue in addition to eating a nutritious fruit-based diet. Yes, these therapies are unnatural, but so is cancer, because we never got it many millennia ago as we do today, so it is unnatural for us to have it in that sense. So turning to an unnatural scenario to resolve another unnatural scenario makes perfect sense to me. Natural Hygiene says we need to give the body what it needs to attain and maintain homeostasis, and if mega doses of vitamin C or hyperbaric O2 therapy is what is needed to resolve a cancer, I am all for it.

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